Creating jewellery for the nonconformist, Celeste San Francisco combine technology and fashion to create exceptionally unique and detailed pieces of statement jewellery. Started by two childhood friends, Pinar and Yasar, and now based in California, we get to know the duo behind the brand.

Childhood friends

Pinar and Yasar have known each other for years. “We first met as kids in middle school in Izmir; an ancient city on the Aegean Sea that was once a dwelling to Homer, was re-built to his liking by Alexander the Great and designated as one of the Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation, becoming a cultural and financial centre for the Ottomans.”

Twenty years later, fate brought the pair back together again, but this time in San Francisco, the city shaping the future of the world. “Inspired by the boundless energy of the Golden City: a place that cultivates open-mindedness, courage, sophistication, intelligence, innovation and originality and where hippies, techies and fashionistas live, love and create, we decided to found a brand that would be defined by limitless creativity.”


"All we wanted was to make the most out of this technology and create something that no one has ever seen before"

“We came up with the whole concept of Celeste in early 2014 while we were sitting in a coffee shop in Silicon Valley with a group of friends and siblings. We were brainstorming how we could incorporate advanced technology into fashion design in the most creative way possible. Even back then, some brands had already started using 3D printing technology to print jewellery, clothes, household items etc., but that’s not what we wanted to do. We didn’t want to replace the manpower with 3D and call it art; all we wanted was to make the most out of this technology and create something that no one has ever seen before. So here we are, cutting-edge, handmade, fine jewellery powered (not printed) by 3D technology.”


No design is off limits2

They released their first two collections in the middle of 2015. “In this short period of time, the demand has been beyond our expectations. Honestly it’s a dream come true!” Their bold and playful designs push the boundaries of jewellery design. “For us, no concepts are off limits, no design is too difficult. Wearing Celeste will make you feel and look alternative - always renewed, forever young. So why blend in with the masses if you can be a trend-setter?! We combine two of the world’s ongoing advancements to draw inspiration for our pieces; technology and fashion. And pride ourselves on channelling royal aura into modern fashion, resulting in a cutting-edge statement.”

"No concepts are off limits, no design is too difficult"

Circus Spectaculus

Whimsical yet glamorous, their Circus Spectaculus collection presents eye-catching pieces of joy and freedom from the grand world of circuses. Handcrafted from 18kt gold with exceptional attention to detail, the pieces represent an entertaining show, using necklaces, rings and earrings to depict elephants, athletes and trapeze artists and bring the show to life.


Jewellery for the nonconformist

Celeste San Francisco has unlimited concepts, bringing exciting jewellery to the trend-setters among us. Their creations are independent, nonconformist and creative; resulting in wearable pieces of art. “The women who wear our designs are naturally drawn to excitement, daring and passion, concepts our designs aspire to capture.”

“We only use 18kt gold with high grade diamonds and precious rare cut stones like ruby and sapphire. The images portrayed in our designs are very rich, so we use a wide range of gold and stones to provide high quality details.”