Anyone born in November is lucky enough to get citrine as their birthstone. Radiating a warm and glowing colour, the gemstone is thought to be a gift from the sun and is believed to have many healing powers. Here’s our guide to the November birthstone and our top citrine jewellery picks.

What is citrine?

Citrine is the transparent, pale yellow to brownish orange variety of quartz. Its attractive warm colour, paired with its durability and affordability, makes it one of the most popular and frequently purchased yellow-to-orange gemstones. Its most popular shade is an earthy, deep, brownish or reddish orange.

Natural citrine is rare, so most citrine on the market is a result of heat treatment, which causes some amethysts to change colour from undesirable pale violet to an attractive yellow. The semi-precious stone is very popular in jewellery, with pieces up to 20 carats being very readily available. Citrine is commonly found in places such as Brazil, Africa, Russia, France and Madagascar.



Citrine meaning

Often referred to as the ‘merchant’s stone’, the November birthstone is best known for its ability to promote and manifest success and prosperity in business. Some believe that if a citrine stone is placed in the cash register of a shop it will help to attract and maintain wealth.

Citrine is also linked to promoting positivity and eliminating any unwanted negative energy. Due to its colour, the November birthstone is said to carry the power of the sun and is used to help overcome negative thoughts and encourage a positive outlook on life.

Our favourite citrine jewellery picks

Elisabetta de Simone Niquesa, the creative woman behind fine London jewellery brand Niquesa Fine Jewellery, has created an incredible citrine cocktail ring that exudes warmth and glow. Inspired by the colours of the Venice carnival, the Pulcinella Ring showcases a hefty 58.5ct citrine centre stone surrounded by a rich pavé setting of yellow sapphires, orange sapphires, and diamonds. Scottish jewellery brand, Lily Blanche, offer a more affordable option for November birthstone jewellery with the Citrine Ring from their Luminous collection. A simple and timeless design, the ring looks great worn alone or stacked.

Over in NYC, there are two designers offering eye-catching citrine designs. The elegant Melting Ice Earrings, from Madstone Design, feature artfully set citrine and diamonds that drop elegantly down from the back of the ear lobe. Whilst Goshwara have set citrine into rectangular bars to create a glamourous T-bar bracelet.

Another top pick comes from popular Portuguese brand, Mimata. Taken from their Sun Collection, their Sun Necklace is designed to be a little ray of sunshine in your collection, set in yellow gold and finished with delicate filigree.


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