The Perfect Hangover Cure:

Morning After

It’s the day after, and I know how you’re feeling. Last night was a blur of glitter, glamour and too-many-glugs of champagne. Today, you feel as hollow as the empty bottle lying on your bedroom floor. But babe, it’s the New Year! Forget the troubles of yesterday, I’m going to help you nurse your hangover with our glittering jewellery. Its 2019, and I have a good feeling about it. This is the year for you! So, for today you can remain in your PJ’s. Grab the carton of orange juice. Get the carbs rolling in, and relax. Peruse my curation of jewels to ensure you keep looking fabulous in 2019 (starting tomorrow!)

Fashion has spoken, and 2019 is the year for bigger, bolder and more unique jewellery. You’ll need a cocktail ring for those fancy parties. That original necklace for you to cherish every day. Plus, a few other key items to see you through the year in style. So keep away from your inbox today - you don’t want to see the horrifying texts you sent last night. Stay on JewelStreet - you’re safe here, and we have some amazing jewellery to have you feeling better in no time.

No New Year’s Smooch? Get a New Year’s Pooch

Sterling Silver Pug Face Pendant

Luke Goldsmith | Sterling Silver Pug Face Pendant | £125.00

A dog will never let you down. A man? No comment. If the dreamy, moviestar kiss did not present itself to you last night, give your love to this adorable Pug Face Pendant instead. Animal jewellery is an opportunity for you to get creative and express yourself through quirky items. Love or hate them, pugs radiate that badass, carefree attitude that you should definitely channel more of in 2019. Luke Goldsmith’s necklace is crafted from sterling silver and hangs from an 18” silver chain. This makes it a perfect necklace to mix and match with your other jewellery for a layered look that will keep you on trend.

Auld Lang Syne - Days Gone By

Plated Sterling Silver Vintage Clock Hands Earrings

My Bling | Plated Sterling Silver Vintage Clock Hands Earrings | £66.00

You know the song… Well actually, you don’t, do you? Every year at midnight the annual mumbling of that New Year’s song commences, accompanied by that inebriated sway and the cling of your best friend as you hold her up. The song reflects on the passing of time, looking to the future as well as the past. Inspired by this temporal theme, I have chosen My Bling’s Plated Sterling Silver Vintage Clock Hands Earring as your statement earring pick. The asymmetrical design will propel you into the new year looking edgy and chic. Let the minutes and hours fly by as you radiate goddess beauty with these unique earrings.

The Cocktail That Will Keep You Glamoured (Not Hammered)

Dewdrop Geometric Cocktail Ring

De Anna Kiernan | Dewdrop Geometric Cocktail Ring | £170.00

Before you shudder at the thought of another alcoholic beverage, this cocktail is sure to be the cure of your hangover - not the cause. De Anna Kiernan’s Dewdrop Geometric Cocktail Ring will ensure you’ll be throwing good shapes in 2019. The angular form of the design paired with the monochromatic aesthetic is a key item for any trendsetter. Available in brass or a sterling silver, you can choose whether you want to champion cool hues or warm tones this season.

Create Fireworks All Year Round

Intermezzo Earrings in Firework Quartz and Sapphires

State Property | Intermezzo Earrings in Firework Quartz and Sapphires | £606.00

Who said fireworks were just for New Year’s Eve? State Property knows how to create a bang with their Intermezzo Earrings in Firework Quartz and Sapphires. The industrial design background of State Property lends for the creation of statement, architectural jewellery pieces. The designer clearly considered the movement of jewellery pieces such as these - just think how the quartz and sapphires would sparkle in the moonlight!

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Find your New Year style today... and Happy New Year!