JewelStreet’s theme of the week is Surf’s Up. To embody the beauty and wildness of the ocean, you must BE to ocean… or at least dress like it. Summer style is taking over the jewellery game, with shell accessories a firm favourite for anyone who has their ears pierced. Rather than looking like everyone else, why not embody the power and look of a true surfer and discover jewellery inspired by the sea? 

Surfers are wild and carefree. They own the waves and are at the top of the style game this Summer. For your surfers holiday, you need practical jewellery that won’t come off when you’re tearing it up on the ocean, but also looks stylish when you’re chilling at the beach. Become the ultimate surfer chick and harness the power of the ocean. 

Below are three ways that you can adopt the ocean into your jewellery repertoire.

Wave-inspired Gems

While you’re riding the waves, wear jewellery that looks like them. Wave jewellery is simplistic, minimal and has a great sense of fluidity. These simple accents to your wrist, neck or finger will create a flowing sense of movement, much like the sea itself. The Cath Ring from Coco & Kinney is a fun and fabulous way to imbue the beauty of the ocean into your jewellery. The open design of the ring and simple wave shape creates a beautiful effect that can be worn anywhere, anytime, for any occasion. The Cosmos Necklace from Deborah Blyth Jewellery has an organic texture and a beautiful sparkle with the addition of three white sapphires. Layer with similar necklaces for a beachy look. The Love The Ocean Bracelet from Peak Jewellery is designed for those who love the sea. It features breaking waves inside a heart and is a wonderful gift for surfers.

Coco & Kinney Yellow Gold Plated Cath Ring (Left)| £45.00
Deborah Blyth Jewellery Cosmos Necklace Gold (Middle)| £185.00
Peak Jewellery | Sterling Silver Love The Ocean Bracelet (Right)| £40.00

Turquoise & Clear Quartz

If you prefer a more subtle look, pick colours that match the sea. Turquoise is a deep blue-green colour, reminiscent of the waves. It works beautifully with brighter sea colours like coral. Clear quartz is a more simple colour, but reminds us of the sea foam that occurs after a wave has broken. These two are a great way to incorporate more colour and gemstones to your jewellery look. Heather Kenealy Jewelry creates beautiful jewellery, combining turquoise and clear quartz. The Apatite Necklace features multiple turquoise and clear quartz gemstones which lead to a bright blue-green apatite stone. For something more subtle, pick Heather Kenealy’s Clear Quartz Pendant, which is bright, sparkling and draws all the attention, despite its simple colour scheme. For something brighter and more dedicated to the ocean, the Turquoise & Coral Necklace from Vintouch Italy combines bright colours, fun textures and this year’s favourite Summer trend… shells!

Heather Kenealy Jewelry Apatite Necklace (Left)| £187.00
Heather Kenealy Jewelry Clear Quartz Pendant With Pave Diamonds On Silver Chain (Middle)| £524.00
Vintouch Italy Turquoise & Coral Necklace With Wentletrap Shell (Right)| £114.00

Cute Animal Charms

Now for something weird, wacky and wonderful… animal charms! We couldn’t talk about the ocean without going into all of the beautiful and unique sea creatures that inhabit it. Animal jewellery is fun, cute and a great way to keep your passion for animals and love of the ocean with you at all times. It can also serve as a reminder of what we’re trying to save. The plastic epidemic is polluting the ocean, making it unsafe for the creatures who live there, but with sea animal jewellery, you’ll be making a bold statement. Opes Robur have a Miniature World collection, which is full of sea life designs, including the Sea Charm Earrings. Featuring clams, crabs and starfish, these earrings have extra glitz and glamour with sparkling diamonds and coloured gemstones. Katie Mullally’s collection of necklaces are full of quirky animal designs, like the Lobster Charm. Fun and quirky, the lobster has intricate detailing on its claws and tail, which looks beautiful next to silver and gold colouring. For something bolder, choose the Clownfish Necklace from Michele Benjamin Jewelry. In beautiful bold colours and with clean cut markings, this necklace makes a big statement.

Opes Robur | Gold Vermeil Sea Charm Earrings (Left)| £199.00
Katie Mullally Lobster Gold Plated Charm (Middle)| £149.00
Michele Benjamin Jewelry 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Clownfish Charm Necklace (Right)| £128.00