Whether you go classic, neatly knotted or simply fun, there’s no doubt that a great pair of cufflinks are the perfect finishing touch to any suit.
While suits are amazing, they just don’t come in as many varieties as women’s dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, trousers etc.

Cufflinks are one of just a few accessories that can make your suit stand out. In your arsenal you have your tie, pocket square, belt, watch and cufflinks to make all the difference.

A well dressed man in a well tailored, well accessorised suit will always stand out from the crowd.

A French cuff shirt and a pair of handcrafted cufflinks are the perfect base for your wedding outfit. These designs are stylish, debonair and suave, you can’t go wrong.

Go Classic
You never mess with a classic. A traditional, simple cufflink design is the perfect finishing touch whether your wearing checks, stripes or block colour.

If you want a pair of simple yet contemporary cufflinks that will stand the test of time, add these Ixion cufflinks to your collection. The Ixion Cufflinks by Annika Rutlin are handcrafted in oxidised sterling silver and finished with a distressed texture. These cufflinks are an instant classic: simple, refined yet eye-catching and edgy. Gritty grey cufflinks are the perfect colour companion this winter matching the browns, blue, greys and blacks of your suit collection.

Annika Rutlin | Ixion Cufflinks | £121.67

The Octavo Classic cufflinks are just that, effortlessly classic. The octagonal shape will never go out of style and adds a fun geometric quality to your wedding ensemble. Match with a check or striped suit for a bold geometric attire.

Justin Richardson | Octavo Classic Cufflinks | £275

Neatly Knotted
Simple, repeated designs are effortlessly chic and always in fashion.

Tateossian take the classic silk knot design and give it a modern twist. Handcrafted in dark gunmetal, the charcoal greys and intricate fabric-like texture of these cufflinks make them an instant modern classic. Traditional yet contemporary, these cufflinks are a refreshing finishing touch.

No-one will see this twist coming.

Tateossian | Gunmetal Cable Knot Cufflinks  | £120

What better accessory for a celebration of love then infinity cufflinks?
Let your cufflinks tell a never-ending story with the Enamel Eternity cufflinks from Tateossian. Known as the eternal knot, this symbolic motif represents infinity, a pattern with no beginning or end. Handcrafted in sterling silver (finished in rhodium or rose gold), these intricate cufflinks feature two perfectly paired lines, one simple and plain and one in deep opaque enamel for a brilliant contrast.

Tateossian | Enamel Rose Gold & Red Eternity Cufflinks | £375
(available in sterling silver, rose gold & black rhodium)

Go Bold & Go Gold
You’ve ironed your shirt, shined your shoes and dry cleaned your suit, so why not have some fun with the final finishing touch? Wear something unexpected or mismatching to see how eagle eyed your friends really are.

Heading to a wedding on a farm, in a barn or outside this autumn? Lean into the theme! Keep the wingtips on, put the wellies on your sleeves instead. The Wellington Boot Cufflinks from Julia Lloyd George are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face and the golden colour will add some sunshine on rainy days.

Julia Lloyd George | Wellington Boot Cufflinks | £300

Do you love a pun or a good dad joke? Nick Hubbard Jewellery have the cufflinks for you! These mismatching cufflinks pun-ily remark to the usual cufflink attire with comical cartoons. Perfect for the joker of the crew.

Nick Hubbard Jewellery | “Top Hat and Tails” Cufflinks | £142