Diamonds may be forever, but rubies are for sometimes. After all, the stones vibrant and intense colour make it a stunning jewellery wear for special occasions. 

As July is just around the corner, we here at JewelStreet believed this to be a perfect time to look at some of the most famous ruby jewellery pieces worn by royalty. Among royalty and the upper classes, rubies were thought to guarantee good health, wisdom, wealth, and success in love. They’ve become some of the most sought-after gems. 

Here on JewelStreet we have rounded up an extravagant, luxury, royal-inspired jewellery collection - proving you don’t need to have royal blood to be a royal.

Queen Elizabeth II’s - Ruby Necklace

Over the years, the Queen has become famous for wearing bright, block colours, plain skirts, and pristine white gloves. Her style has become iconic. But, how extraordinary is her Baring ruby necklace? We certainly can't take our eyes off of it!

Get the look:


From Left to Right: Dainty Darling Necklace | Ruby and Diamond Collar Necklace | Jennifer Pendant Erica Courtney


Sarah Ferguson - Ruby Engagement Ring

Next on our list, we have Sarah Ferguson's showstopper ring. In 1986, Prince Andrew is said to have proposed to Ferguson with an oval-cut Burmese ruby because it matched the colour of her vibrant red hair. After the proposal, ruby rings were in very high demand and continue to grow in popularity. Of course, JewelStreet provide only the very best. 

Get the look: 


From Left to Right: 14kt Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Ring Art Deco Ruby RingRose Gold Ruby Ring




Queen Elizabeth II - Ruby Earrings

How does the saying go? Diamond's are a girls best friend? Here at JewelStreet we couldn't agree more but, a girl can't live without her rubies. We are obsessed with Queen Elizabeth II's ruby floret earrings - timeless, elegant and bold, what more could you ask for?

Get the look: 


From Left to Right: Ruby Diamond Studs | Cushion Cut Ruby Diamond Studs | Rosangel Ruby Earrings