We all know that jewellery supplements a man’s attire and overall look very well, and rings are just one example of such a tremendous addition.

Of course, years and years ago, rings were worn casually by only the richest of the rich and the most prestigious of society.

The average man would wear a wedding ring on his fourth finger, and that would be the end of it in terms of decorating his digits.

Nowadays, however, rings are available, acceptable, and stylish on every single gentleman walking this earth.

At Jewelstreet, you can browse through all kinds of jewellery at a range of different prices, so if you’re looking for rings for yourself (or for a significant male in your life), then you won’t have any trouble finding something perfect.

If you’re looking to get a little more specific and search for gold rings, then you’re in luck as we have some of the most beautiful items from dozens of different designers. 

If you’re more than interested, then be sure to continue and read on about some of the most beautiful pieces we have to offer from designers from all over the planet.

18kt Yellow Gold Plated Silver Firestarter Black Spinel Ring - SVP £100


A hexagonal black ring that was handcrafted meticulously and set on an adjustable banding, meaning you get the versatility and flexibility you need to wear it however you want.

This yellow gold-plated ring goes perfectly with others in the collection but is just as suitable as a standalone accessory.

The designers at SVP Jewellery get their inspiration here from 70’s shapes and beautiful stone cuts. The founder of SVP, Sarah Parham, looks to create items for just about anyone regardless of style or background. 

Yellow Gold Tiny Dot Diamond Ring - Laura Adele £160


If you’re looking for something simple and low-maintenance, then this little piece might just do the job for you.

At £160, you’re looking at a gold tiny dot diamond ring that will provide you with a lovely aesthetic for your digits while not being too harsh on your bank account.

A good price for something that looks very attractive in its simplicity. With nine karats and a stunning sparkling diamond, Laura Vanderslott has provided customers with something that would suit pretty much anyone.

She’s used to this kind of design as her style is that of delicacy with smaller, cosier items.

Cornish Seawater Textured 9kt Yellow Gold Nautical Handmade Wedding Ring - Joseph Lamsin £595


Upon first glance, you’ll see that this particular ring has a different look about it – one that is patterned slightly differently to what you might initially expect.

That’s because it has been shaped organically using the sea from the Cornish coastline. Costing £595, this nine-karat yellow gold wedding ring was handcrafted and hallmarked. It’s 6mm wide and around 2mm thick.

Designer Matthew JL Harris, of Joseph Lamsin Jewellery, looks to create jewellery based on the Cornish coastal landscape and uses different moulding techniques to create looks such as this one. 

Waterfall Wedding Band - LJD Designs £1,375


This eighteen karat yellow gold engagement ring is designed to represent a cascading waterfall. 

By even a quick glance, you can see that the designer, Laura Jackowski-Dickson, has created that flowing water look while using the white diamonds to emphasise the glistening of the water. 

This ring can be all yours or a lovely present for one of the main men in your life. Laura of LJD Designs is awe-inspired by beautiful landscapes this planet has to offer, so you can see that in the way her items are manifested and created. 

White Gold Black Rose Ring - Heidi Vornan £2,437


Here we have another unique style of ring. One that won’t be for absolutely everyone, but the majority will still enjoy the look of. A white gold ring with a gorgeous black rose at the helm stealing the show.

If you’d like a ring with a prominent piece that will attract all eyes, then this would be the one for you. Fourteen karats and an onyx rose that has been hand-carved – it could be yours for £2,437.

A black rose is usually something utilized by the rock ‘n’ roll world, and that’s where Finland-based brand, Heidi Vornan, gets their inspiration. She’s known as the Finnish Queen of Metal and uses the finest materials to create each piece.  

Asteroid Ring - Rose Carvalho £12,300


Here we have a more expensive ring – the most by a long stretch in this list so far. Handmade by Rose Carvalho, this asteroid ring is inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s B-612 Asteroid in The Little Prince. 

It’s supposed to be seen as a fictional planet that lives inside us all – a very poetic reference. It’s made of eighteen karat yellow gold, crystal quartz and diamonds – and could be in your possession for £12,300. 

Out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rose’s work is inspired by the universe as a whole – stars, moons and planets all come into thinking when looking to design. 

18kt Rose Gold Ring With Rose Diamond - Lesunja Fine Jewellery £12,330


An eighteen karat rose gold ring that is made with a central red-brown diamond rose – with thirteen smaller diamond roses supplementing it.

At £12,330, you’ll be getting your money’s worth with this stunner. It was created with the expectation of attracting every single eye in the room with its unique and bold look. 

Swiss design brand, Lesunja Fine Jewellery is regularly seen at New York Fashion Week. They like to mix together traditional Swiss craftsmanship with fresh and modern technology.

Dart White Gold Ring - Molten Wedding Rings £655


This dart white gold ring is made using the traditional techniques of casting, filing and hammering. 

It is then hand-finished in their Devon-based studio before being finalised and sent away. The designers at Molten Wedding Rings look to make timeless items with a modern twist.

The founder, Erin Cox, has the desire to create unique wedding rings that are luxurious and ethical. The hope is that she can produce rings that are able to be worn together with others or in isolation. 

18kt White Gold Panther Diamond Ring - ERAYA £1,339


This gorgeous panther ring is made with glistening black diamonds. The eighteen karat white gold ring provided by ERAYA and is something that would knock everyone’s socks off.

The founder of ERAYA, Hima Yalamanchili gets her inspiration from art and nature – the brand is fully committed to using ethically sourced diamonds while serving customers with honesty and integrity.   

Rose Gold & Diamond Solitaire Ring - Marcello Riccio £2,650


This solitaire ring by Marcello Riccio is objectively attractive. An eighteen karat rose gold piece of jewellery that will turn all the heads in the room. 

You only need one small glance at the ring to see the meticulous and intricate work that has taken place to create this thing. 

Marcello Riccio allows you to engrave what you wish into the ring, too, so you can add your own personal touch. Based in London, MR are experts in fine jewellery and bespoke services.