Born in Hong Kong and growing up in Macau, Sarah Ho moved to London to enrich her skills in design and gemmology. Now an established and well-regarded designer, Sarah’s designs are a sentimental reflection of the many chapters in her life, a life where precious stones and metals replace words for expression.

Numerati tells a story of the wearer

Her eponymous jewellery brand became a reality in 2006, and to mark the milestone Sarah created a particularly special collection. “I wanted to create a collection that marked the tenth year anniversary of my company, a year which brought me great luck, a luck which I wanted to share with my clients as a gift, which they could discover with a creation that can be worn every day. Each design in the collection acts as a reminder of that serendipitous moment with a jewel that becomes your own personal Talisman. Numerati tells a story of the wearer but also of my company, Sarah Ho London.”



A subtle way to wear personalised jewellery

The collection offers a range of rings and pendants, each thoughtfully designed to depict a number from one to nine. Sarah’s clever and subtle design has been carefully considered so that at first glance the number is not obvious, instead it is a collection of beautiful flowing lines that effortlessly wrap around the finger. It’s only when you slip the ring off and place it in your palm that the numeral suddenly becomes clear. “The abstract shapes of the numbers incorporate the shank in the design, offering each jewel in the collection a timeless uniqueness for every occasion.”

Offering a total of 27 pieces, ranging from 18kt rose gold designs studded with diamonds, to chunkier sterling silver designs for men, Numerati focuses on the sentimental value of numbers and introduces them to personalised jewellery. Most people have that one number that follows them through their life, whether it’s a special date or a lucky number that pops up time and time again on important occasions. This collection coincides with the increasing demand for personalised jewellery. “The collection has proved to be very popular with customers as the current trend for Talismans and jewellery with meaning continues to flourish. I hope that wearing a piece from the collection will act as a totem of a special moment which bestows a sense of hope, happiness, and luck for the wearer.” 

Numerati Fancy Diamond Lucky Number 1Numerati Lucky Number 2 PendantNumerati Lucky Number 5 Rose

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