Bunnies. Chicks. Chocolate. Eggs. Simnel cake. What do you think of when you think of Easter? For me, Easter inspires colour. I think back to being a child and waking up on Easter to a lemon coloured table cloth, with lilac and rose coloured napkins. My Mother loved Easter. Even now my siblings and I are grown up, she insists on us coming home for Easter. We will wake up to the same colourful decorations, pastel-painted eggs and Easter treats - all created by my Mum.

So when I think of Easter, I see a rainbow of pastel colours. And what more stylish way to honour this than with pastel-coloured jewellery? You could opt for Easter egg lockets, bunny pendants, or woodland-themed gifts - of course, anyone would be lucky to receive these gifts at Easter. But pastel jewellery is trendy all year round! And for me, these jewels would carry particular significance at Easter.

As Easter is fast approaching, discover the most elegant pastel jewels for every budget this Easter. Perhaps you’d rather splash out on a nice vintage wine to accompany your Easter roast. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable Easter jewellery to make this Easter extra-special. Whether you’re gifting or looking for something for yourself, discover the top pastel picks to dazzle this Easter.

Under £150

9kt Yellow Gold Pear Shaped Opal Cluster Earrings Egg Locket Pendant Sterling Silver & White Opal Drop Earrings

Beautiful jewellery doesn’t have to break the bank. These gorgeous pastel picks are both affordable and chic. Reeves and Reeves’ egg locket pendant is the ultimate Easter pick. Available in rose gold (my personal favourite), sterling silver, and yellow gold, these charming pendants hold a lovely Easter surprise inside. Gift to your little ones, your friends, or even yourself for a quirky way to embrace all Easter has to offer.

For a more sparkling Easter look, choose Jewels of Kim’s Opal Cluster Earrings. Opals hold a plethora of pastel colours, from baby blues to rose pinks. Look elegant and chic drenched in beautiful gemstones this Easter. For a more contemporary twist on opal opulence, go for Lavan’s White Opal Drop Earrings. Priced at only £55.00, you won’t find earrings as gorgeous as these for such an affordable price. The spherical design and simple aesthetic allows the pastel colours to shine.

Under £500

Sterling Silver Mosaic Butterfly Bracelet  Rainbow Egg Box Ring Duet 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Sanchong Rainbow Gemstones Bracelet

Fancy spending a little more this Easter? From butterfly designs to precious sapphires, for just £500 you can find luxury designer jewellery perfect for the Easter season. SOLUNA’s Mosaic Butterfly Bracelet combines ancient jewellery techniques with materials of superior quality. The mosaic design is highly unique, so it’s unlikely you’ll see anyone else wearing a design quite like this! Butterflies are delicate and elegant, and you can be too with this dazzling design. Our next colourful and chic piece is brought to you by London-based designer Biiju. Aptly named the Rainbow Egg Box Ring Duet, this design features two interlacing ring adorned with an array of precious gemstones. When you can’t decide on just one pastel colour, why not wear them all? Finally, Tsai x Tsai’s Rainbow Gemstone Bracelet is bright and bold without being too OTT. Combining rainbow gemstones and rose gold, this pallet of pastel colours will sparkle delicately under the April sunshine.

Over £1000

Sterling Silver Jewelled Egg Pendant Necklace Gold & Pearl Gonefishing Necklace Baobab Necklace

Why not treat yourself or your loved ones this Easter with exquisite jewellery of superior quality? Easter is all about generosity and altruism, so embrace the warmth of this holiday with gorgeous jewellery. For something extra-special, why not explore GREGORY CRAWFORD DESIGN’s range of bespoke jewellery. Imagine how special you’d feel owning a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that no one else has. The designer’s Jewelled Egg Pendant looks as luxury as a Fabergé egg! Handcrafted in America using 30 precious gemstones, you are truly getting your money’s worth with this unique design. Gregory hand carces every single one of his designs. Indulge yourself in something much better than chocolate this Easter - this is the gift that lasts a lifetime.

Diamonds and pearls exude luxury. Copenhagen-based designer Josephine Bergsoe creates unusual designs for the modern woman. Her jewels have been worn by celebrities such as Halle Berry, Glenn Close and Meryl Streep, so why not join the A-list this Easter? This necklace is crafted using a one-of-a-kind coloured pearl embellished with sparkling diamonds. Feel stylish and chic wearing a necklace handcrafted just for you. Finally, Brumani’s Baobab Necklace comes all the way from the designer’s workshop in Brazil. Crafted from a range of fine gemstones, from brown diamonds and rubies to pink tourmaline and smoky quartz, you’ll radiate glamour with this pastel pick. The floral design is timeless, however is perfect for the Spring season. You’ll be sure to channel some high-end fashion finesse with a necklace as dashing as this one!