I have always loved surprises so of course for the delivery of my proposal of marriage to the love of my life, I had to plan the greatest surprise of all.

She must not suspect a thing. I had planned the details of that special day for weeks.



The day finally arrived. Sharon was at home... alone.  I was at my granny's house... waiting. The beautiful stretch limo drew up and the chauffeur held the door open for me. I got in carefully, checking the contents of my pocket as I sat down. Still there.

As we drove the short distance up the road, I practised my lines; how would she answer? What would she say? The limo stopped outside and I watched as the chauffeur got out of the limo and knocked at the front door.

The door opened and I caught a glimpse of Sharon's surprised expression as she was invited into the waiting limo. I was already down on one knee.

My short speech began..... I told Sharon how much I loved her and that my life would only be complete if she agreed to be my wife. I finished with the immortal words, "Will you marry me?" Sharon readily agree and I took her in my arms, slipping a diamond ring upon her shaking finger.

It was one of the happiest moments of my life. But the surprise continued......

My mum and sister Samm had prepared a going away case for Sharon and to her amazement the limo whisked us away to the airport, giving me just enough time to signal to my family, hiding nearby, that she had said, "Yes."

We flew out to Venice that very afternoon. Almost 10 years later we are still happily married and we have 3 wonderful sons. I will always remember that amazing occasion and be grateful that she agreed to be my wife.

I would love to treat her to some of your beautiful jewellery to thank her for making me so happy.

Sharon, I love you, please be my wife!

Say that you'll love me For all of my life.

I will take care of you, I'll make your life bliss.

Give me your answer sealed with a kiss!

Now 10 years later, we've 3 lovely sons 

My life is just perfect And I love you "tons"!