Everyone remembers their first pair of earrings. I think back to when I was 11 years old, sat in a jewellers choosing the earrings that would mark my entrance into the pierced-ear world. They were a pair of gold diamond studs. From the moment they pierced my flesh, I could not wait to take them out and wear a different pair of earrings each day, from drop delights to chic chandelier earrings. Today, I look back and realise that everyone's earring journey starts with a pair of studs, and as we grow up, studs become just as necessary. Whether for practical or professional purposes, studs are the jewellery item that will never let you down. They take the stress and difficulty out of our morning routines. You are never fully dressed without your jewellery, but we all have those mornings where we snooze too long and need our trusty studs to throw on before work.

The working woman needs an array of studs in her life. You want to feel confident, stylish and powerful in your professional sphere, and a simple pair of stud earrings could imbue your day with some much-needed poise and power. Take the hassle out of your Monday-Friday routine with a chic pair of stud earrings you can chuck on without thinking about. Discover the top stud picks perfect for the working woman. With earrings as fabulous as these, you’ll forever radiate confidence in the workplace.

Silver Studs

Ak White Gold Single Stud Earring Diamond Pyramid Oxidised Earring Circling Silver Earrings

Silver is cool, classy and chic. It also goes with everything, making silver studs the ideal addition to your work wardrobe. These three pairs of stud earrings will make you feel stylish and empowered at work. My top pick is the AKILLIS AK stud earring. Shaped like a bullet, these studs will render your working day with a dash of electricity. Feel dangerous and powerful with these sexy and chic stud earrings. Your colleagues better watch out because there’s a new powerhouse in the office! Want a pair of earrings a little more rough around the edges? Latelita London’s Diamond Pyramid Oxidised Earrings are the key pick for someone who wants to feel on-trend in the office. The oxidised silver adds an edgy flair to these petite studs. Combined with the bold pyramid shape, these studs are perfect for mixing and matching with your other silver studs. My final silver pick is the fluid and contemporary Circling Silver Earrings by Ilda Design. Minimalist, clean forms are in this season, so you’ll be bang on trend with Ilda Design’s modern silver studs.

Gold Studs

9kt Yellow Gold Stellar Simple Studs 14kt Yellow Gold Ganga Earrings Gold Filigree Triangle Earrings

Gold studs are a timeless classic. I remember my grandmother (who never pierced her ears) wore gold clip on earrings everyday. My mum always wears a gold pair of studs with a black onyx stone. I wonder what pair of gold studs my children will remember me wearing. With a choice as diverse of this… I’m sure it won’t be just one pair! Gold jewellery has rapidly come back into fashion over the past few years. From gold chains to signet rings, you can’t go wrong with gold jewellery. A pair of gold studs shows you are fashion-forward and fearless. Take Taylor Black’s Yellow Gold Stellar Simple Studs for example. The black and gold inky pattern is unusual and edgy. Wear these to work and show the world you are a powerful and dynamic woman. For something a little less bold, GEFEN JEWELRY’s Gold Ganga Earrings exude elegance and delicacy. When you display attention to detail through your jewellery, your thoughtful and considerate attributes are conveyed. Last but not least, AMMA Jewelry’s Filigree Triangle Earrings are the perfect pick to style amongst your other dainty and delicate gold jewellery.

Gemstone Studs

Little Round Studs Sterling Silver Linear Stud Earrings With Topaz White Gold Plated Silver Lemon Quartz Earrings

Wear gemstone jewellery to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your day. Gemstones are rich with symbolism. Some are believed to inspire mindfulness and calm energy - which is exactly what you need in the workplace. Whether you opt for your own birthstone or your personal favourite gemstone, feel unique every day with a dazzling pair of gemstone studs. Can you tell citrine is my favourite gemstone? The warm and captivating hues of citrine is to die for! You’ll feel edgy and chic wearing Monica Fiorella Jewellery’s Little Round Studs. Small earrings can definitely make a huge statement, and these simple gemstone delights will be the object of envy in your office! Channel some icy finesse with Opes Robur’s Topaz studs. The contemporary hexagonal form is the perfect design for the modern working woman. Paired with the delicate flash of topaz, these earrings imbue your working day with some subtle glamour. Finally, Tezapsidis Jewellery’s Lemon Quartz Studs fuse the industrial aesthetic with light and delicate lemon-coloured gemstones. Pick these studs for a look that remains authentic.

Fun Studs

Yellow Gold Plated Rainbow Stud Earrings Brushed Sterling Silver Lightning Earrings Bee Earrings with Gemstones

Who said you couldn’t have fun at work? If conservative dress codes don’t apply at your office, then be playful and creative with your workwear jewellery. Lucky for the team at JewelStreet, working with jewellery means we can wear any outrageous or statement jewellery pieces to work. Our office never lacks jewellery inspiration, so inspire your colleagues with fun and cute stud earrings that will spark joy (Marie Kondo would certainly approve). In the spirit of fun, I have chosen three pairs of stud earrings that will add a pop of pleasure into your working day. Jana Reinhardt’s Rainbow Stud Earrings is the perfect pair to start with. You can’t help but feel happy when spotting a rainbow, so cheer your friends and colleagues up with colourful jewellery that makes the right statement. Ed Wilson’s Silver Lightning Earrings are cute and quirky - so feel electric with these silver stunners. A cuckoo moment is the brand with the fun and flirty edge. Look how intricate and beautiful their Bee Earrings are? Handcrafted using dazzling black spinel stones, tsavorites, amethysts and citrines, this kaleidoscope of colours will make you buzzing to get to the office!


 Find the perfect petite studs and carry your fashion finesse all the way to work.