The Most Popular Ear Piercings of 2019

Did you know that 2019 is the year of experimental ear piercings? I bet even you haven’t heard of some of the styles listed below… we sure didn’t! 

Do you want to up your ear game? Do you want to be the shepherd and not the sheep? This year is not about following trends, it’s about making them. 

Take a look at our picks of the most popular ear piercings of 2019 so far, and get a few exclusive top tips along the way. They may be hard to pull off, but we believe in you...

Custom Constellation Piercings

Buzzfeed recently released a video documenting two women’s journey to getting custom constellation piercings. If you’re a little afraid of the needle, than this look probably isn’t for you. But if you’re ready to be brave for the beauty, a celestial piercing collection is what dreams are made of. 

What’s a custom constellation piercing? It is what it says on the tin. It is an artistic group of piercings that work seamlessly together like a star-studded galaxy. If you really love your piercer, then you can put your trust in them to go freestyle. They tend to know what works best and what will suit your ear frame. Trust us, this is going to be THE hottest trend of the year. 

The Most Popular Ear Piercings of 2019

High Lobe Piercings

Normal lobe piercings are so old school. Step into the future and consider getting a piercing that is one step ahead (literally). If you already have your firsts, and already have your seconds, then bite the bullet and go for a third on your lobe. There’s no such thing as going overboard when it comes to piercings. 

The Most Popular Ear Piercings of 2019

The Tragus Piercing

The Tragus piercing adorns what is usually an underrated area of your ear. The tragus is always forgotten about, and it’s a great idea to draw attention to an area that others have missed out on. You can stand out from the crowd, and piercings like this one are sure to get you the style compliments that you deserve. Who doesn’t love an extra bit of ear candy?

The Most Popular Ear Piercings of 2019

The Daith Piercing

You don’t ride the waves, you make them. Jewellery fuels you with the power needed to do so. The daith piercing is one of the most unique and interesting ones. This is both because of its look and also because of the story behind it. Yes, this is the piercing rumoured to alleviate migraines and headaches. Does it work? I guess you’ll have to try it to find out. 

The Most Popular Ear Piercings of 2019

The Conch Piercing

Conch. It doesn’t seem like a pretty appealing name. Don’t worry though, it’s not onomatopoeic. This is the most versatile piercing area of all. You can get it pierced with as many studs as you desire (probably 3 max depending on space), or you can place an ear cuff here for optimate styling finesse. Are you brave enough to try it out? 

The Most Popular Ear Piercings of 2019

Your Earring Shopping List:

To get you started on your piercing journey, we’ve sourced some of the most trendy and flattering earrings. Don’t worry if you’re not quite ready to go straight to the piercing parlour. If it’s an ear cuff you’re looking for then why not try ones that don’t require a piercing to be worn? We have a lovely selection here at JewelStreet, and they give us butterflies inside. 

14kt Gold Star Studs Earrings   9kt Yellow Gold Moon Sleeper Earrings   Baguette Double Ear Cuff

XISSJEWELLERY | 14kt Gold Star Studs Earrings | £90.00
Black Betty Design | 9kt Yellow Gold Moon Sleeper Earrings | £113.00
Borgioni | Baguette Double Ear Cuff | £1,965.00

Top Tip: Start off by accessorising the piercings you already have,and then look at yourself in the mirror. We always advise jewellery lovers to look in the mirror. Once you have put your jewellery on, take a step back and admire your styling.  Does your jewellery all match in one way or another? Whether by metal or by theme, it’s important to have a running consistency to keep your style seamless.

Top Tip Two (we’re spoiling you now): Make sure that both your ears are balanced. We’re talking in terms of the placement of your piercings and the jewellery you have decided to wear in them. 

Don’t overload one ear with more piercings than the other, this will give you an asymmetrical look that isn’t always intended. If you decide to get a conch piercing on one ear for example, then balance it out with a helix piercing on the other. It’s all up to personal preference. 

Even after you’ve considered balance and you still want 10 piercings on one ear and 3 on the other, then you go for it girl.

Images sourced from JewelStreet & Pinterest.