In the second royal engagement in recent months, this time Princess Eugenie (Daughter of Prince Andrew and eighth in line of succession to the British throne) announces her marriage to long-term partner Jack Brooksbank.

As soon as the proposal was announced the first thing we could think about was, of course, the ring. And we were very pleasantly surprised.

It’s a beautiful padparadscha sapphire engagement ring.

Not heard of a padparadscha sapphire?

Well that’s because it’s the rarest and most valuable of all sapphires. Usually found in Sri Lanka, the stone is renowned for its distinct pink-orange colour and prices of non-heat-treated stones can rocket.

Sapphires famously come in a range of colours from the ever-popular blue to soft shades of pink, but the sunset shade of the padparadscha variety make it a sophisticated and highly coveted stone.  

Princess Eugenie’s ring has a traditional design (similar to her mother’s engagement ring), with the single stone surrounded by a number of diamonds. But it’s the uniqueness of the centre stone that makes this ring so special.

We love how original and daring it is compared to the usual royal offerings, and it just shows that Princess Eugenie has impeccable taste and isn’t afraid of being going against the grain.

The value of the ring hasn’t been announced but it’s likely to be around £100,000.

There is sure to be a spike in demand for this particular type of sapphire and we want to show you one that you can buy here on JewelStreet, plus a number of pink sapphire rings.

This Marcello Riccio ring is made in 18kt white gold and finished off with a padparadscha sapphire and white diamonds. Shop here.