You’ve kissed under the mistletoe, and now it’s time to kiss beneath the fireworks. New Year's Eve is a night filled with anticipation and excitement. You’ve chosen the venue, you’ve chosen your outfit...but have you chosen your jewellery? We’ve got the perfect pieces to help you pucker those lips and move through the night with an air of confidence and vibrancy.

New Year's Eve is all about fun. Whether you’re having an understated family gathering, hosting a fireworks display in your back garden, or going to a glamorous evening event, you need a luxury piece of jewellery to celebrate. Take a look at these luscious handmade jewellery pieces, and show your fun and flirtatious side this year.

We’ve paired our jewellery with some of our favourite Kissing anthems, which will definitely be on the playlist this New Years. Feel free to sing along.

Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery

One kiss is all it takes, falling in love with me...

Starting us off with a 2018 tune, Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa really hit the nail on the head here. One kiss really is all it takes, especially with Daou's exquisite pieces. These are understated and elegant. Channel the romance of New Year's Eve in subtlety, and walk into the new year with style and sass. This collection is edgy, yet restrained. These pieces can be worn on an everyday basis, but can still elevate your evening look when needed. Why not give them a try?

Kiss Diamond Pave Pendant   18kt Gold Kisses Earrings   18kt Gold & Diamond Kisses Pendant

Daou Jewellery | Kiss Diamond Pave Pendant, 18kt Gold Kisses Earrings, 18kt Gold & Diamond Kisses Pendant | £790.00, £680.00 and £990.00

Sometimes I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls... 

Rita Ora (featuring Cardi B, Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX of course) leads us into our third selection of New Year's Eve kiss jewellery by renowned brand Maria Kovadi. These pieces are fun and flirtatious, and you are bound to get noticed wearing them!

They are distinctive, eye-catching and quite unconventional, just like you. Embrace your individuality, and choose to break free from the crowd. This is your time to shine. If you don't get a New Year's Eve kiss, then no worries. These handmade pieces will definitely soften the blow. 

Kiss My Lips Necklace  Kiss Me Ring   Kiss Me Pendant

Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery  | Kiss My Lips Necklace, Kiss Me Ring, Kiss Me Pendant | £3,968.00, £9,306.00 and £5,790.00

Kiss me, in the milky twilight…

Now for a lesser known track. Sixpence None The Richer gave us Kiss Me, an iconic song released in the late 90s. There is no better song to accompany this delicate and unique Lips Bracelet by Emily & Ashley. The small charm is utterly charming *sigh* and reflects the enjoyment and fun of New Years. It is beautiful, exquisite, contemporary, dainty...and all of the other adjectives in the dictionary. Trust me, this is one you need to get your hands on. 

 Lips Bracelet

Emily & Ashley | Lips Bracelet | £273.00


Kiss me through the phone...

Here's a major throwback for you. Remember Soulja Boy? He was very ahead of his times. These Lips studs are the perfect accessory for your Snapchat and Instagram stories. You'll be sending kisses through the phone... Soulja Boy would be so proud. 

All joking aside, these are incredibly playful pieces that are perfect for New Year's Eve. You get the glam, the sparkle, the shimmer AND the fun. These lip studs are from the Tell Me collection, and can be mixed and matched with any of the other earrings within the selection. The playful Lips studs are made of 18kt Italian gold and rose gold and feature a stylish diamond in the middle.

Lips Stud in Rose Gold    Lips Stud in Yellow Gold

 Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery  | Lips Stud in Rose Gold, Lips Stud in Yellow Gold | £516.00 and £516.00

I kissed a girl, and I liked it...

Katy Perry brings us to our final handmade jewellery item. This is a dazzling ring that is part of the Tell Me Collection. They pay homage to the importance of communication and interaction. New Year's Eve is one of the most social nights of the year. Wear this ring, spark conversations and make new friends. You only live once! 

This ring is handcrafted from solid 18kt rose gold. It displays the word 'kiss' and is underlined by a bar of elegant pink sapphire gemstones. Stack this alongside other rings from the collection to really make a statement. 

Kiss Ring

Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery | Kiss Ring | £1,353.00