I know what you’re thinking: what on earth is a push present? Like you, I was ignorant to the concept of ‘push presents’ until not long ago. A push present is gift given to a woman shortly after she has given birth, hence the ‘push’. These presents are typically given from the woman’s other half to celebrate the miracle of the baby but also to thank the woman for her strength and endurance during pregnancy. The push present, however, has sparked much debate in recent years, with women asking, is that really a thing?! Can one present really compare to the months of nausea, pain and discomfort that many women experience during pregnancy?

People are divided on the matter. Some argue that receiving a push present was touching for their spouses chose to be spontaneous and thoughtful without prompting (thus gaining some much-needed husband points). Others feel that push presents are yet another marketing strategy to capitalise off life events, potentially fetishising the most important decision couples make: bringing a child into the world. I mean, some Brits even feel ambivalent towards the American-founded concept of baby showers, whereby the mother is ‘showered’ in gifts before giving birth. Push presents have only come into popular vocabulary via social media, through which we can peruse the most lavish and expensive push presents celebrities receive.

Whether the concept of a ‘push present’ troubles or excites you, marking the miracle of a birth with a piece of jewellery is a gesture rooted in love. Nothing can match the value of bringing a child into the world, yet given the precious and sentimental nature of jewellery, it makes the perfect pick for push presents gifts.  From birthstone jewellery to lockets and eternity rings, you can find an array of meaningful jewellery picks to celebrate the birth of your child in style. Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate rebirth, blossoming, and new life, than a present that epitomises all these things. Discover the best push presents you can give your significant other, marking the joyous occasion of your child’s birth.

Go for something personalised

Sterling Silver Personalised Fingerprint Earrings Yellow Gold Plated Personalised Disc Charm Bracelet Silver Personalised Mini Heart Locket Necklace

All jewellery is special, but personalised jewellery goes that extra mile. Oliver Twist Designs specialises in personalised jewellery. These gorgeous fingerprint earrings are made using an ink or pencil fingerprint, the perfect personalised keepsake. Earrings like these are unique to each individual wearer - what better way to show your devotion than with earrings that show your partner they’re one in a million? Personalise with your little one’s fingerprints for a push present that is truly unique and special. Charm bracelets are the gifts that keep giving. You can add charms to mark special occasions for years to come, looking back to where it all started: the birth of your child. Finally, capture the most special moment of your life with Posh Totty Designs’ Mini Heart Locket Necklace. Keep your loved ones close to your heart with this premium silver locket. You can personalise it with the name of your little one, or simply a word that means something to you. Whatever you decide, this necklace will be made for you and you only.

Gift birthstone jewellery

18kt Mini Peridot Ring Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant Baroque Cultured Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings

Birthstone jewellery as push presents go hand in hand. What better way to celebrate the birth of your child than with a gemstone that perfectly captures their uniqueness and individuality. Each birthstone represents different values. For example, connected with the sun and the light, peridot, the August birthstone, has been celebrated for its protective powers. Show your other half that you will forever protect your family with peridot jewellery. Its renowned olive green colour is unusual and chic. Syna’s ring makes a delicate and traditional ring for your other half to treasure forever. Baroque pearls are huge this season. Pearls, the June birthstone, symbolise purity and luck. These gorgeous white Drop Pearl Earrings will bring light and radiance into your life. Imagine your beloved wearing these beautiful earrings whilst holding your precious child. Now, that’s a picture perfect scene. Finally, this lavish Diamond and Aquamarine Pendant exudes luxury. Show your other half just how much she means to you with a dazzling necklace she will treasure forevermore. This necklace will not only be admired for its intriguing shape and radiant beauty, but more importantly, it will symbolise the life you have created together through the March birthstone.

Create an heirloom

Customisable Oval 9kt Yellow Gold Signet White Gold Three-stone Diamond Leverback Earrings Gold & Diamond Eternity Ring

Push presents are a celebration of life and family. To honour the special occasion, why not start a family tradition and invest in a family heirloom to pass down to your future kin. You can create a family legacy with a piece of jewellery that signifies who you are as a family. Signet rings are the perfect place to start. If you’re having a son, you can honour your bond with a signet ring he can pass down to his children one day. Or defy tradition and gift a signet ring to your daughter. Signet rings are unisex jewellery pieces. Engrave a signet ring with your family name or crest for a jewellery piece that holds meaning for eternity. Another traditional family heirloom for girls is a simple pair of diamond earrings. Chic and timeless, these earrings will forever be on trend whilst harnessing a dash of luxury. Allurez’s Three Stone Leverback Diamond Earrings exude opulence. With each wear you’ll be reminded of the day your daughter was born, feeling happy and proud. Finally, XISSJEWELLERY’s Gold and Diamond Eternity Ring is another timeless classic both your partner and children will love for years to come. Its dainty and delicate design is charming. Celebrate life with jewellery that epitomises family life and devotion.