If you’re looking to stand out with something unique and unusual, quirky jewellery is on the rise, with coat hangers, puzzle pieces and unicorns finding their way on necks and arms. These picks will showcase your wilder side and give a distinctive look. Whether for yourself or for a loved one, these amazing pieces from our high-quality designers will have you falling in love with the strange over the classic.


Animal jewellery is everywhere at the moment, from lions, to tigers, to bears, oh my! Bees are very much on trend this season and the bigger the better! This Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Busy Bee Necklace from Cosanuova is sure to make a statement, with the mix of black, yellow and white stones making it a work of art. Saba Jewellery by Geraldine Murphy goes that extra step with incorporating motion into her work, making the animals in her pieces look alive. The Copper & Enamel Kingfisher Necklace has the bird flying to catch the fish and gives a great pop of colour, along with the circled hoops that make up the chain. For the subtler, silver cufflinks from the same line are perfect, especially the Cancer Crabs.


Saba Jewellery by Geraldine Murphy | Copper & Enamel Kingfisher Necklace (Middle)| £126.00
Saba Jewellery by Geraldine Murphy | Sterling Silver Cancer Crab Cufflinks (Right) | £95.00


Inspired by nature and the elements create standout pieces that incorporate the sky and the sea. Hazel NY incorporates features and images of the sky into her pieces. The 14kt White Gold Coral Eddy Tide Swirl Ring is a gorgeous piece, with coloured stones in the white gold and the wavy form giving it the look of the sea’s waves. Flames within jewellery gives off a fiery impression and Julie Nicaisse’s Lightning Earrings are a simple way to incorporate more texture and shape into any look. In simple colours, its all about the shape and the connection with Mother Nature.


Hazel NY 14kt White Gold Coral Eddy Tide Swirl Ring (Left) | £2,121.00
Julie Nicaisse Jewellery Lightning Earrings (Right) | £171.00


It might seem a bit odd to have food dangling from your ear or hanging off of your wrist but food designs in jewellery are a quirky way to spice up any look. Flavie Michou has a distinctive style, specialising in food-based jewellery, with cupcake rings and pendants galore. They look good enough to eat and with names like Tutti Frutti Charm and Tiramisu Ring, it’ll be hard not to. The colours are vibrant and classy. For those who prefer less colour, Betty Balaba sticks with silver, gold and pearl and the Sterling Silver Groundnut Necklace would work well with any outfit and occasion.


Flavie Michou Tutti Frutti Ring  (Left) | £225.00
Betty Balaba Sterling Silver Groundnut Necklace (Right) | £313.60


If you work in an office, the last thing you want is to see anymore stationary than you have to, but these pieces are just too good to miss. Paper clips and safety pins are a fun way to accessorise, with a Sapphire Safety Pin in 18kt White Gold clipped onto a coat or Large Paper-Clip Earrings hanging from your ear. The Large Gold Plated Silver Pen Nib Pendant is titled ‘The Lost Art of Handwriting’ and not only looks elegant but is a testament to the pleasures of writing.


Mara Hotung Sapphire Safety Pin in 18kt White Gold (Left) | £650.00
Joanna Laura Constantine | Large Paper-Clip Earrings (Middle) | £417.00
True Rocks | Large Gold Plated Silver Pen Nib Pendant (Right) | £450.00