The ultimate indulgence

When you want the best. 

There's an easy way to define it.

The gold standard, gold medal, golden age...

And now - just for you - golden skincare from London's Venia Cosmetic.

The gold leaf and flakes are eye-catching finishing touches.

But this isn't a fairy tale.

Gold is a suberb skincare ingredient.

It's added to dynamic formulas of the natural ingredients and botanicals you love. 

You get deep moisturising and long-lasting hydration you can rely on in the real-world.  

Gold leaf body & facial treatment Mask

Gently apply gold leaf for deep-down benefits your skin will love.

See the effect of improving blood circulation and reducing collagen loss.

Did you know gold's natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are great for your skin? 

It's easy and fun to use. 

And indulgent.

24 karat gold leaf is 99.999% pure. Undiluted by the strengthening additions jewellers need, but ready to deliver the ultimate skin health.  

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These unique moisturising creams for women and men give you a gold finish to proven skin care products. 

Natural oils, shea butter, vitamin E... this is skincare you know works: dialled up in luxury and exclusivity.  

Try these creams today and you'll never look back.
And what a gift they make.
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Venia Cosmetic gives you skincare you can trust, from people you can trust. 

It's a small, British, family-run business creating products with a unique personal story.

Venia was founded to provide the long-lasting hydration the founders' jobs in the airline industry demanded.   

Now you get to enjoy their amazing discovery.

Order today and find out why customers like Paul Gardner said JewelStreet was "a great service you must use."

Our team - of real humans - is here on +44 (0) 117 933 9501 and whenever you need us. 

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