Reasons People Return Gifts

There’s nothing worse than receiving a gift that just doesn’t quite hit the mark. Not only is it obvious that your forced smile conveys more disappointment than delight. But the effort of having to return or exchange gifts is often more hassle than it’s worth. Did you know that 50% of people will choose a gift to surprise someone, rather than go for something they have asked for. Of course, the gesture behind that statistic is genuine. But, why give a gift with the potential for disappointment? Wouldn’t you rather know their face will light up?

No one wants to hear those high pitched mumbles of someone pretending to like a gift. I’m going to make sure that never happens to you. Discover the top reasons people return gifts and find out how to avoid this. With this guide, you’ll never give a bad gift again!


Reason One: It means nothing to them

One of the most common reasons I return gifts is because they mean nothing to me. Once, my brother gifted me an autobiography of a singer I have never heard of. “I know you like music, so I knew you’d love this” was his thought-process. No, bro. Just no.

Solution: Birthstone jewellery

It can take a lot of time to think of a gift which is personal and meaningful. Birthstone jewellery is unique to each individual. Each birthstone has a different meaning and different visual quality. By gifting an item of birthstone jewellery, you are celebrating that person’s individuality. Gift birthstone jewellery and watch them swoon over their precious jewel.

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Reason Two: It pleases you more than them

How many times have you seen a gorgeous coat or jumper you would love to see on your boyfriend. Then, upon reflection, you realise it isn’t his style or to his tastes at all. Sometimes we think we’re giving gifts that they’ll love, but really, it’s actually something you want them to like, because you do.

Solution: Go classic

Give gifts that are for them, not for you. You may want to turn your boyfriend/husband into the next David Beckham, but if they’re not the fashionistas you dream them to be, stick with their style. Go for classic and timeless gifts that are understated and elegant. A signet ring will never look out of place on a man. Find a classic signet ring that he can make his own.
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Reason Three: It’s too much

'Too much' can mean too expensive, or too bold. This is one of the most common reasons people return gifts. Lavish and visibly luxurious presents can actually make people feel uncomfortable. Gifting the most extravagant ring for someone may seem like you are bragging by opting for an obviously expensive item. Sometimes less can be more, so really think about how the item will be received.

Solution: Go tasteful and understated

Everyone who wears dainty and understated jewellery looks elegant and classy. You don’t have to go for the most lavish and bold jewellery items to show someone you care. When gifting jewellery, you are bound to hit the mark by playing it a little safe. Of course, if you know your friend loves a chunky statement chain, by all means buy her one! But a delicate and understated piece of jewellery will always be appreciated.
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Reason Four: It’s the wrong size

This reason sometimes can’t be helped. What’s a size 8 in one store feels like a size 0 in others. I always appreciate the thought and effort of a man who buys his girl clothes. It’s risky, but sometimes it pays off. Even so, we all feel frustrated when faced with the task of returning/exchanging a gift because it doesn’t fit. It can also make us feel slightly bad about ourselves, which is never good.

Solution: Adjustable jewellery

Many of our designers create adjustable jewellery ensuring that whatever you buy, it will definitely fit! This is hugely beneficial. As long as you know their taste, you can rest assured that you won’t have to faff around ordering a new size. I have a range of adjustable rings in my jewellery box. My friends love it too because I can even lend them my jewellery!

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Reason Five: They’ll never use it.

It’s no use getting your Dad a bracelet for his birthday when he never wears them. Wouldn’t he be better suited to a delicate pair of cufflinks? Imagine you work in retail. You wouldn’t offer a middle aged man a pearl necklace, would you? Understand the needs and wants of the person you are gifting a present to. Above all, a gift must be useful - so keep them in mind.

Solution: Ask them to drop a hint

Not everyone likes surprises. Ask them what they want. You don’t have to be obvious about it. But steer the conversation to understand what they want and need. Then you’re guaranteed to give them gifts they’ll love! Why not get them to drop you a hint? Then you know they’ll definitely get a gift to treasure. You’ll see the ‘Drop A Hint’ feature on every product page on JewelStreet. Follow the steps to send a cheeky hint - and it’ll be smiles all round!

Drop A Hint!

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Now you've got the insider knowledge... you'll never send a bad gift again! Make the next gift you give one they'll treasure forever. Find that perfect gift on JewelStreet.