Why should you try and recreate these gorgeous runway jewelry trends? Because the best fashion comes from the catwalk. Fashion season is all about showing off the next best looks. Whether it’s a statement jewellery look, or something as simple as gold rings. When you look to the runway for fashion inspiration, you’ll always look chic and stylish.

We’ve collated the hottest runway jewellery trends from the past few seasons and paired them with our favourite ‘get the look’ pieces. Discover quirky hoops, opulent gemstones, and sleek metallic pieces. With these jewellery items in your fashion repertoire, every street will feel like a runway.


Metallic madness

 Metallic jewellery

Embrace heavy metal magic with shiny and sleek metallic pieces this season. Bold and statement metallic pieces have been a catwalk favourite over the past year, so get the look with FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE’s gorgeous silver earrings. Blurring the lines between fashion and art, these elegant earrings will fill your life with some high-fashion finesse.

Mix and match gemstones

 Gemstone earrings

What’s more playful and chic than an array or gorgeous gemstones. For those of you who like to inject your outfits with powerful pops of colour, this is the trend for you. Recreate this eclectic gemstone look with LuvMyJewelry’s multi-gemstone drop earrings. These plush pieces will glimmer at all the fabulous parties you attend this season. But are you prepared to be flooded in compliments? 

Hoops, hoops, hoops

 Hoop earrings

Oh we simply love hoop earrings here at JewelStreet. This jewellery box favourite is so versatile. From understated mini hoops to XXL designs, there is a hoop earring for every man and woman. These quirky hoops by ileava jewelry feature two moons handcrafted in sterling silver. One sleeping, one wide awake, your friends will be envious of these incredible and unique earrings, so wear them with pride!


Victorian finesse

 Victorian jewellery

Known for their modesty and prudence, the Victorians are not always commended for their fashion. However, Victorian style jewellery is endlessly elegant. With lace accents and pearl adornments, who doesn’t love this amazing trend? Channel some Victorian magic with Melissa Anderson’s beautiful sterling silver floral necklace. The attention to detail on this design is phenomenal, mimicking all the sophisticated qualities of Victorian fashion.


Tutti Fruity

 Quirky colourful jewellery

Enhance your winter wardrobe with some quirky and colourful pieces to brighten those dull days. Playful jewellery such as this restores the fun back into fashion, so seize the day with a fruity and bold item of jewellery, This incredible ring by The Twist by Danya is part of the Garden of Eden collection. Featuring a seductive serpent and a juicy piece of forbidden fruit, can you resist this tantalising ring?


Evil eyes

 Evil eye necklace

All eyes will be on you with this chic evil eye necklace by Soul2Seven. Evil eye symbols are very fashionable right now, with many high-fashion designers using this icon to adorn their collections. This necklace is handmade using 24kt gold, with the warm hues of the metal complementing the turquoise details perfectly. It looks great on the runway, but it’ll look even better on you.

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