My story goes back 30 years!

My boyfriend and I were on holiday in the Lake District, just travelling around the area, stopping off where and when we felt like it.

It was Autumn and the weather was perfect - warm, sunny days so we did lots of walking around the fells and around the tarns.

One day, we visited Brockhole, the Lake District Visitor Centre where there was a wood-turner working away in a small shed in the grounds.

I went in and bought an eggcup with my boyfriend's name on it (we had been enjoying bed-and-breakfast on local farms, so this was something we'd take back to London as a memento).

My boyfriend popped in after me and asked the wood-turner to engrave an eggcup with the words "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" on it, along with the date on the bottom.

I had no idea that he was doing this as I had wandered off to look at the amazing views from the gardens.

My boyfriend tracked me down and taking a pink-and-white bag from his pocket, handed me the bag and asked me to open it - and there was his proposal!

I think he might even have gone down on one knee too! I said "Yes”, and he is now my husband.

We celebrated 30 years of marriage in July this year and our daughters, having never seen the "magic" eggcup, saw it for the first time on our anniversary.

I can't upload a photo as we didn't take one - there were no mobile phones in 1986!

One thing we had to do, was to let the woodturner know what my answer was. However, he had gone when we went back to his studio, so we wrote "She said yes" on the dusty windows of his studio - we hope he saw it!