With engagement rings being so important and meaningful, it is essential you find the right one for you. Rose Gold engagement rings are so unusual, imagine how you would stand out with one on your finger.

Rose Gold might not scream formal or traditional, but that does not mean not stunning - far from it. More and more couples are choosing this as their metal choice, it gives their wedding jewellery a very distinctive look. Discover a huge selection of designers' rings on JewelStreet, there's something for all tastes and budgets.


Rose Gold is not just making a come back on the jewellery scene, it’s trending in fashion, homeware, makeup and celebrities too.


Rose Gold makes every piece that little bit more delicate looking. It's another colour in which to express your style. Rose Gold gives off such warmth and elegance, it's timeless, imagine having any piece of rose gold jewellery in your collection and being on trend with it always.

rose gold ringrose gold ring        

If you don't fancy taking on the whole Rose Gold engagement ring.. even just a touch of Rose Gold in your ring will make a difference, giving an unusual contrasting twist. JewelStreet has pieces from a number of designers, all in one place for you. 

Pair it up…

Matching with other Rose Gold pieces will really compliment the ring nicely. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings or other Rose Gold rings, all add the perfect finishing touch.

All our engagement rings are also lovingly handcrafted by independent designers to last a lifetime.

Need inspiration? Look no further.