I met Russell 23 years ago whilst working in a high street post office that he collected the post from.  Because I’m so short, I had to stand on tiptoes to talk to him over the counter, but we hit it off.

We soon started dating. Within 8 months, we had bypassed renting to see how we’d get on living together, and so we had bought a house.

18 months later we talked about getting engaged. I said that I wanted him to ask for my father’s permission (he ‘forgot’ to do this), not to ask me in a restaurant (he booked a table at an Italian even though this is my least favourite food) and most importantly, not to ask me to marry him on my birthday (you guessed it, he did).

But even though he clearly didn’t listen to anything I told him, he must’ve done something right because in May this year we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary, and I wouldn’t change anything about him.