Our guide to round brilliant cut diamonds; how they are cut, why they are such a popular choice and our favourite round brilliant cut diamond jewellery available on Jewelstreet.

What are round brilliant cut diamonds?emerald-post-image-1-300x248

Brilliant cut refers to diamonds of any shape with facets that are mostly triangular or kite shape, and radiate from the centre. The round brilliant cut is by far the most popular brilliant cut diamond on the market. The shape resembles that of a cone and the 58 facets (including the culet) give the diamond exceptional brilliance. As the name suggests, brilliant cut diamonds offer more brilliance than step cut diamonds, due to the position, number and angle of their facets.

Round diamonds cost more per carat than fancy shapes due to the high demand for round diamonds and the relatively low yield. The yield is lower because more of the rough stone is lost in the cutting of a round diamond, causing the cost of each carat retained to be higher. On average, a round diamond may cost around 25-35% more than a similar shape.

History behind round brilliant cut diamonds1

For years, diamond cutters have been using advanced theories of light behaviour and precise mathematical calculations to optimise the fire and brilliance in a round diamond. Round brilliant cut diamonds represent the collective talents of generations of skilled cutters over centuries.

The cut rose to popularity in 1919 when Marcel Tolkowsky published a thesis, in which he described the ideal proportions of a round cut diamond for maximising sparkle and shine. His original specifications have been modified and perfected over time to create the round brilliant cut diamonds we see today.

Why are round brilliant cut diamonds so popular?2

The round cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape, particularly for engagement rings. It is considered the most brilliant of diamond cuts and its symmetrical shape allows it to maximise all of its qualities. The multiple facets cause light to bounce from the bottom of the diamond, back through to the top, giving it it’s popular intense sparkle. The round shape is timeless and versatile, looking good in both simple and modern settings or more elaborate styles. A well-set round diamond will give you the most sparkle for your money, making them the number one diamond cut.