Royal Ascot’s dress code is known for being strict, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. In fact, it's far from it. The 5-day event is renowned for attracting some of the most ostentatious hats and daring dresses from the bravest of racegoers. While the Royal Enclosure has the most stringent rules - dresses “of modest length” with a strap of one inch or greater and hats with a base of four inches - the other enclosures allow for much more daring looks.

This year, extravagant hats worn at a jaunty angle proved to be the most popular choice. Here's the most eye-catching ones, and our top jewellery picks for a day at the races.

Full marks for creativity goes to this smiley racegoer, but is that gate made from lollypop sticks? The unique and intricate headpiece meant she kept her jewellery simple around her face, with just a classic pair of studs. However, she glammed up her look with a brooch.

We’ve come to expect extravagance from regular Ascot attendee and milliner, Tracy Rose. This year was no exception – could this be the biggest hat ever at Ascot?  

Why carry your picnic in a basket when you can wear it on your head?

Pretty in pink, this headpiece is somewhere between a hat and fascinator – what some have coined, a hatinator.

We’re potty about this trio of hats.

Tick tock, tick tock. Who needs a watch when you’re a walking clock?

This dedicated lady sacrificed a comfy racing day to hold up her incredibly detailed and colourful rainforest-inspired hat.

Bullseye! This quirky fascinator might have you doing a 180.

A whimsical combination of pearl jewellery and a bed of white roses.

Race Day Jewellery