Wedding jewellery should hold as much importance as sourcing a venue, dress or cake. It is an integral part of your wedding aesthetic, and will tie together your ceremony style. Given that the wedding industry is a crowded minefield that is somewhat difficult to navigate, I’ve picked out one of the top up-and-coming independent wedding accessory brands out there… Rubinia Gioielli.

This innovative and contemporary brand is at the forefront of Italian design. Each and every piece is strictly handmade, and adheres to the brand’s principles of originality and luxury.

This is jewellery straight from the heart of Italian designers. Excellence and regality are words that come to mind. These are timeless designs, propelled by the esteemed Italian renaissance, which have been fused with modern day principles. Think of it this way: traditional, but with an unconventional twist. Take a look...


Don’t be afraid to step away from traditional colour palettes... 

Rubinia Gioielli are always searching for new ways to incorporate a splash of colour into their pieces. Whether you need a little something blue, or you want to match your gemstones to your wedding colour scheme, then these are the pieces for you.

Rubinia are well-known for their elegant and ingenious interwoven diamante rings. These are a feat in modern jewellery making, and are handcrafted to an impeccable standard. Who doesn’t want a bit of sparkle and colour on their wedding day? Rose gold bands are here to stay, and Rubinia do not shy away from their use of variant metals.

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Jewellery that can be effortlessly worn by both men and women...

Modern couples are on the lookout for exclusive wedding jewellery. Long gone are the traditional and plain ring designs. Instead, Rubinia strive to create unique pieces for unique individuals. Nobody is the same as another, so why should your jewellery be?

All of the jewellery that Rubinia create can be worn by men and women. In recent years, unisex designs have risen in popularity. Alongside this shift in jewellery design is a shift in the wedding industry itself. We are no longer using archetypal gendered language such as ‘Bride & Groom’ to refer to the happy couple. Times are changing, and your wedding jewellery should change alongside this.


For the wedding party…

Everyone should feel special and look special at a wedding. Often, bridesmaids and groomsmen are forgotten when it comes down to the smaller details. Why not choose to gift your wedding party favours that are full of sentiment and meaning? This is not just jewellery. This is a gift of friendship, of love, and of appreciation for your loved ones.


Wedding jewellery will forever be tied to the happiest day of your life...

Wedding jewellery will forever be tied to the happiest day of your life. This is the day that you say the words “I do”. It’s the day that you spent getting ready with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. It’s the day when all the special people in your life turned up to celebrate with you. 

Although you may want your wedding day to last forever, it often goes by too quickly, and couples can be left feeling a sense of loss. Wedding planning has likely occupied your lives for the last year or so and there will be a little void where it once was. Memories of the day can be so good when you look back that you almost feel disheartened that you will never get that moment back again

Don’t worry. Rubinia jewellery lasts a lifetime. You can treasure those memories and attribute them to a luxury item, one that you can carry with you on a daily basis or keep safe in storage to pass on as a heirloom to your children, and then to your grandchildren and so on

Wedding jewellery is as much a financial investment as it is a style investment. Diamonds skyrocket in value over time. That, coupled with the pieces sentimental value will make the jewellery utterly priceless.


Texture, movement and wearability are all taken into consideration…

Unlike brands that you see on the high street that are mass-produced and repetitive, Rubinia handle each piece of jewellery as if it was a separate organic entity. Materials are handled much like fabrics. They have their own movement. They have their own texture. They hold their own beauty. You can harness this elegance and beauty on your wedding day.

If you want to be comfortable and confident when getting married, then Rubinia Jewellery is the brand for you.