In 2005 i was on holiday in St George south, Corfu with my boyfriend Andy. We were passing a jewelers when i saw a gorgeous ring. I mentioned to Andy that maybe we should think about marriage. We had a massive argument about it, and he said he wasn't ready. The next day was our last day in corfu, and after making up, we hired a quad bike and had a lovely day touring the island.

In the evening we went to the balcony restaurant (aptly named, as its on a balcony). We'd ordered our food and as we was watching the sunset, Andy said " shall we go and get you that ring you wanted" Me being dumb said "what are you talking about" Again Andy said "shall we get you that ring that you saw in the jewelers", i said " what do you mean", then Andy said "will you marry me"

I burst into tears and screamed yes. Apparently he was planning to propose the whole time, but when i saw the ring in the shop and mentioned marriage I spoilt the surprise. On 31st August 2012 we wed in the Bowden Hotel Altrincham. We've been together for 15 years, and married for 6,