Yesterday was World Environment Day, a powerful day which encourages awareness and protection for the world we live in. From the rainforest to climate change, from air pollution to the oceans, it is important to look after our environment, especially when there are so many ways to do so and it is something which will benefit everyone.

Yesterday, we told you how you could support World Environment Day with our eco-conscious and environmentally friendly designers (read it here). Today, we’re discussing our ocean crisis and how jewellery can promote its protection and preservation. Our oceans are overrun with plastic and pollution, which is damaging the wildlife and killing the animals that live there. Climate change has induced mass-bleaching of coral, causing coral to change from colourful to dull and eventually resulting in their deaths. This causes the animals who live among and feed upon the coral to dwindle as well. Whether you stop using plastic or cut down your carbon footprint, you’ll be contributing to saving the planet and keeping the oceans clean.

Show your solidarity and support for saving the oceans and wear sea-inspired jewellery. Take a look at our top picks below...

Animal jewellery is increasingly popular and is a great way to show off your personality in an everyday outfit. Sea creatures are fun, quirky and cute to wear, as well as helpful and sweet reminders for what you’re trying to save. Whether you're expressing your love for sea creatures with turtle earrings or are putting a glamorous spin on a lobster necklace, wear quirky animal jewellery and help save the animals you love.

Joseph Lamsin Jewellery Jelly Fish Sterling Silver Drop Necklace (Left)| £124.00
Katie Mullally Lobster Gold Plated Charm (Middle)| £149.00
Michele Benjamin Jewelry | 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Splendid Seahorse Necklace (Right)| £127.00

Shell jewellery is the hottest trend this Summer season. It is in every high-street shop and is slowly taking over the JewelStreet website! Shell jewellery is so fashionable right now, so with a shell necklace or pair of earrings, you’ll be bang on trend! Shells add an intricate texture and pattern to any outfit and imbues your everyday look with colour and glamour. Choose from big and chunky pieces or subtle and simple delights.

Latelita London Yellow Gold Plated Multi Cowrie Shell Macrame Bracelet (Left)| £49.00
Coco & Kinney Sterling Silver Lucy Earrings (Middle)| £48.00
Susan Driver | Yellow Gold Plated Oceania Cowrie Necklace (Right)| £147.00

While the ocean is a beautiful place, filled with animals, shells and sand, the ocean couldn’t thrive without its plant life. Coral and seaweed are key factors in the ocean, which is something everyone has forgotten. The Great Barrier Reef is suffering, with mass bleached coral and dying plant life. This is mainly due to climate change but tourists standing on the reef is another contributing factor. The Pantone Colour of the Year is living coral, a beautiful pinky colour, reminiscent of the coral in the sea. Wear coral colours and coral-inspired jewellery and promote the safety of the coral reef. Plant life themed jewellery also adds a beautiful sense of fluidity and movement to any look, as well as rich colour and detail.

Hazel NY 14kt White Gold Coral Eddy Bubble Drops (Left)| £1,161.00
Deborah Blyth Jewellery Rose Gold Adjustable Coral Ring (Middle)| £70.00
FARRA | Black Coral Bracelet With Magnetic Clasp (Right)| £97.00