There are pieces of jewellery that very much suit an occasion, or fit with a specific outfit to make the perfect statement, and no trinket box would be complete without those items. 

At the same time, for many of us, there are also those pieces that you will want to go back to again and again. Pieces that you’ll wear all year round because they work with anything, because they give you inspiration, or because they are the seasonal jewellery for your everyday work.

Below, we will have a look at ten pieces from the huge field of independent jewellery designers that you can find on the JewelStreet website. 

These pieces range from the perfect seasonal jewellery that can give you the confidence to get through every day, to pieces that should be in every jewellery box for their ability to be paired with any outfit at any time.

Sterling Silver Purple Signature Cufflinks - SOLUNA £150

Sterling Silver Purple Signature CufflinksHigh-end London jewellers SOLUNA, the brainchild of Miguel Depaz, specialise in items inspired by Miguel’s Peruvian ancestry. 

These handsome women’s cufflinks feature an Incan-inspired design in purple and silver, and their functional square shape makes them an ideal adornment for a work blouse when you need an additional slice of class. Effortlessly elegant, these cufflinks in 925 silver reflect exceptionally well on the wearer, and are a SOLUNA classic.

Yellow Gold Plated Mini Opalite Evil Eye Necklace - Latelita London £39

Yellow Gold Plated Mini Opalite Evil Eye NecklaceEveryone wants to feel like they are protected and, with an Evil Eye looking over you, you can be confident that you always will be. 

The eye in question is the centrepiece of this affordable and stunning necklace from Latelita London, whose elegant European designs make the best possible use of semi-precious gemstones and metals. Formed from yellow gold and opalite, this necklace is perfect for good luck if you’re superstitious, and just a highly chic costume piece if you’re not.

Diamond Cut Chain Ring - Conges £45

Diamond Cut Chain RingThis delicate ring comes from the US brand Conges, designed by the serenity-inspired Jasmine Penna. Her motto is “Think free, be free”, and it’s never been better encapsulated than by this chain ring which can be worn with comfort on any finger on your hand. 

The idea behind so many of Conges’ pieces is that the wearer should feel like they are on holiday - and that’s a feeling you’ll want to keep even when you’re hard at work. This ring is the perfect seasonal jewellery for the chilled individual.

14kt Gold Buffalo Horn Cross Orb Ring - ORA Pearls £55

14kt Gold Buffalo Horn Cross Orb RingIf you want to bring the right attitude to the day, then the positive symbolism of this cross orb ring is exactly what you’re looking for. 

With an adornment crafted from ethically-sourced buffalo horn, and the beaded detailing on the gold ring itself, this piece from Ora (the London studio of the ever-resourceful designer Bibi Southwell) is perfect for those times when you need all the good energy you can get along with a little help from the animal kingdom.

Silver Lunar Studs - XISSJEWELLERY £90

Silver Lunar StudsAnother jewellery-box standby, stud earrings are always going to work well with a broad sweep of outfits, and whatever the season they’re going to look good. 

That’s particularly the case if they’re adorned in silver and pearl, as these earrings are thanks to the genius of British designer XISSJEWELLERY and their attention-grabbing Interstellar Collection. These earrings are inspired by the stars above - and when you’re wearing them, the sky truly is the limit.

Sterling Silver Strength Disc Bracelet - Mantra Jewellery £39

Sterling Silver Strength Disc BraceletMantra Jewellery create pieces which are designed to be inspiring, and as the company name hints, each item they make has a mantra attached. For this piece - titled Strength -  the Mantra is “Strong Women: May We Know Them. May We Raise Them. May We Be Them”. 

This uniquely-crafted Sterling Silver Disc Bracelet can be your inspiration throughout any day, because a little extra strength is always welcome, no matter what the occasion.

Sterling Silver Turn Around Spinner Ring - BUFF £36

Sterling Silver Turn Around Spinner RingThis sterling silver ring comes with a matching disc in the middle which can be turned around to show another side. To make the most of this, it is possible to have each side engraved with two initials, for yourself or for someone else (or both). 

From BUFF, the design partnership of Mei-Li Burnside and Ellie Ingram, this ring is very much in line with the team’s usual unfussy, clean lines and easy-to-partner look. A fun piece which can also carry a lot of meaning, this is an essential for your everyday selection.

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