Serena Williams

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This week, tennis champion Serena Williams announced the launch of her jewellery collection, Serena Williams Jewelry. Designed by Serena, the collection is in collaboration with renowned diamond manufacturer, K.P Sanghvi. The 70-piece collection features necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, made from 14kt gold and diamonds. 

Serena’s collection is predominantly aimed at females and millennial shoppers, specifically self-purchasers and gift givers. Serena has evolved from a tennis star to fashion icon, activist and has even delved into the entertainment industry. Many young girls and women look up to her, so although Serena is aiming at a specific market, her jewellery line promises to appeal to women of all ages and backgrounds. 

The jewellery collection uses ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds. The diamonds will only be sourced from places with safe working conditions and with no connections to conflict groups. This is a big part of the jewellery industry and seeing a prominent celebrity, like Serena involved in ethically sourced materials will hopefully ensure these values continue to flourish in the industry.

The collection will include jewellery with bold words and phrases, like ‘Winner’ and ‘Queen’. It will also feature ID necklaces and bracelets, signet rings and diamond earrings. Serena sees this collection as a celebration of the strong women in her life, something she hopes will pass through her jewellery onto its wearers.

Serena Williams

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