My now husband proposed after three months of being apart. I won a scholarship to live in the U.S. for a semester whilst I collected data for my PhD at the Smithsonian museum. He was so supportive of my application and encouraged me to be brave. What is more romantic than someone willing you to have your own adventure? The plan was to reunite for a holiday in New York once the three months were up. Whilst I was busy working and living in a new city, my husband was planning his proposal! 

He picked the ring from a jeweller close to our flat in the UK that I love to window shop. I'd been sending him photos during my trip and one in particular caught his eye. A month before our reunion I visited the Botanical Gardens in Washington D.C and sent him a photo of the gorgeous pool and greenery in the main garden. My husband's sudden enthusiasm for visiting the place when he arrived in the U.S. raised my suspicions. Either he had developed a sudden interest in botany whilst I was away, or he had a plan! 

When our reunion finally arrived, we walked to the Botanical Gardens with butterflies in our stomachs. After three months apart, we were absolutely certain that we had chosen the one person we couldn't live without. As much as I enjoyed having guessed correctly, the moment when he went down on one knee was still strangely a surprise. My husband clearly wanted beautiful surroundings for this special moment in our lives. He chose the perfect place and we had the time of our lives celebrating in New York before flying back to the UK together.

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