The jewellery industry is constantly expanding and broadening its horizons. Whether it’s online jewellery companies coming to the forefront, more independent designers emerging or big high-street brands making more innovative designs, the jewellery industry is in constant demand. It’s no lie to say that men’s jewellery is greatly overlooked. More now than ever before, men’s jewellery is become bolder and more coveted. Big designer brands like Gucci and Prada are making jewellery ranges and the plain wedding bands are being edged out for more interesting designs.

When we think of men’s jewellery, we tend to only think of wedding rings, but what about engagement rings? Typically, men tend to be the ‘proposer’ and women the ‘proposee’. Despite the man’s effort finding the ring and orchestrating the perfect proposal, it all whittles down to the ring. Does this defeat the romantic gesture and the promise of commitment? More importantly, should men be wearing engagement rings too?

The rise of the ‘Mangagement’ ring

In early 2018, Ed Sheeran got engaged to his long-time girlfriend and childhood sweetheart, Cherry Seaborn. Soon after their engagement, Sheeran was seen at the Brits sporting an engagement ring. He was quoted by The Telegraph saying: “I never saw why men didn’t wear engagement rings because it’s the same commitment either way. Cherry made the ring for me out of silver clay and I really like it.”

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Michael Buble also wore an engagement ring back in 2010 when he got engaged to his now-wife, Argentinian actress Luisana Lopiloto, citing that in Argentinian tradition, the men wear engagement rings too. Johnny Deep, Ryan Reynolds and David Otunga have both been spotted wearing engagement rings. Men wearing an engagement ring or ‘mangagement’ ring strays away from the tradition of the proposee only wearing the ring, until the two exchange rings at the wedding ceremony. Ed Sheeran makes a good point - if both people are committing to spending the rest of their lives together, why does only one person wear the ring that symbolises that commitment?

Half of Brits believe men should wear engagement rings

In a survey conducted by jeweller William May in February 2019, it was found that over half of British people believe that men should also wear engagement rings. According to Professional Jeweller, 52% of women said men should wear engagement rings and 32% of men agreed. 42% of women also believed that women should propose, despite the ‘myth’ of women only being ‘allowed’ to propose on a leap year. Professional Jeweller reported that both couples should wear engagement rings as an “outward sign of their commitment to be wed.”

Whether this study shows that more women are looking to propose, or more men are thinking of sporting an engagement ring, one thing’s for sure. The jewellery industry may be looking at a new venture for men engagement rings.

A new opportunity for jewellers

With a rise of men buying engagement rings for their partner and themselves, the jewellery industry may be looking at a lucrative opportunity to double their sales. Jewellery companies may start creating a new type of engagement ring aimed towards men. The traditional engagement ring format of a plain silver or gold band with a round gemstone (most frequently a diamond) on top as the centrepiece, could be recreated into a men’s version.

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