18kt Rose Gold Vermeil San Shi Blue Topaz Bracelet

It can be hard to find jewellery to wear on the daily. You’re constantly on the lookout for a staple piece but always end up resorting back to your old favourites. I’m sure you’ll agree that your everyday jewellery style needs an update. I’ve curated some of the best contemporary, minimalist jewellery that will accompany any outfit, location or situation you may find yourself in. No matter the day, this jewellery will see you through with style and finesse.

If you get stuck in a rut with wearing the same jewellery day in day out, then it’s time to refresh your wardrobe, restock your jewellery box and re-write your style. This week, pretty petite jewellery has hit the industry by storm. We’ve seen midi rings, minimalist layered necklaces, dainty earrings and understated accessories grace the runways of New York and London Fashion Week. And now, it’s time for you to take this high fashion look home with you. 

Take a look at my top picks for dainty jewellery to wear on the daily. These designs are all handmade by artisans from across the globe. Working with smaller pieces is intricate, fiddly, and requires expert precision. You can see the talent and skill that has gone into curating this collection. What are you waiting for? Delve in...


Wish For The Wishbone Midi Ring...

Understated, elegant and feminine. Midi rings are the piece of jewellery you never knew you needed. They add an effortless touch of glamour to any look, and introduce a softness to your style. A midi ring like this one can be worn on its own for a subtle and delicate vibe. Alternatively, you can stack it amongst other statement rings for a glimmer of sophistication. The special thing about this ring is that it is an imperfect circle. There is a tiny peak in the design that adds character and distinguishes it from every other ring out there. Want to step away from the crowd? Want to show the world you subtle individuality? Look no further.

Top Tip: Make sure your nails are nicely manicured and tidy, because you'll be drawing the eye to your hands with this dainty piece of jewellery. You can choose to wear this piece as a midi ring on any of your fingers, or even as a ring for your little finger. The choice, as always, is indefinitely yours. 

Wishbone Midi Ring

Lucy Quartermaine | Wishbone Midi Ring | £51.00


Divine Sterling Silver Bracelet... 

This gorgeous silver bracelet is truly petite, but it is also very powerful. It may be small in physical size, but it definitely has a large presence. The addition of a thin chain ensures that this piece is as lightweight as possible... you can hardly even feel the weight of it on your wrist. That makes it perfect for the jewellery wearer who is always busy with their hands and who is always on the move. You don't need to worry about this bracelet getting in the way of anything. Be chic and stylish, but also practical and efficient.

Top Tip: The length of this bracelet can be adjusted by sliding the bead. This is effortless elegance at its finest. Wear it over the top of a jumper sleeve by loosening the bracelet, and tighten it when you’re wearing a sleeveless top.

Sterling Silver San Shi Peridot Bracelet

Tsai x Tsai | Sterling Silver San Shi Peridot Bracelet | £99.00


Gold Leaf Earrings For Your Wild Side...

Natural and organic forms are all the rage this season. Invest in a pair of earrings that will channel this trend on an everyday basis. If you are a child of nature, and want to hold a little piece of it close to you, then these are the earrings that should be on your jewellery re-stocking list. Mirror the falling of autumnal leaves, and foreshadow the re-birth of Spring with these gorgeous Gold Leaf Earrings. Delicate, whimsical and majestic are all words I would associate with them. They are a reminder that all in nature is delicate and transient. They are a reminder that nature can be imbued with magic and wonder. They are also a reminder of how gold was reserved for royalty throughout tradition. For something so small, these earrings definitely do carry a heavy significance and deeper meaning with them.

Top Tip: These earrings can be worn on their own, but can also look great when paired with others in multiple lobe piercings. They are simple and statemented in design, and deliver style without having to shout it from the rooftops. 

Portobello Gold Leaf Earrings

Sharon Mills London | Portobello Gold Leaf Earrings | £50.00


Yellow Gold Plated Petite Necklace...

Susan Driver is a renowned Australian designer who puts simplicity at the forefront of her designs. Although they appear to be minimal, the talent and artistry that has been put into them is not. These pieces are great to wear on an everyday basis because they are buildable and versatile. Consider layering your piece alongside others like the model has done below.

Top Tip: Be a little daring and try to mix metals. You can do this by layering this necklace alongside a silver or rose gold piece. This will satisfy the thirst for an unapologetic style that is usually not accessible with conventional everyday jewellery. 

Yellow Gold Plated Petite Knot Necklace Small

Susan Driver | Yellow Gold Plated Petite Knot Necklace Small | £198.00


Diamonds & Devotion...

Last, but by no means least is this quirky and edgy diamond stud cuff earring from Mishanto London. Your everyday jewellery doesn't have to be boring, and this piece if quite the opposite. Unleash your inner diva and choose to wear a little more ear candy than you usually would. This piece of jewellery evokes power and confidence. You feel amazing wearing it, and you won't want to take it off.

Top Tip: Remember to wear your hair up in a bun or in an up-down style when you wear this cuff earring. This will ensure that the chain does not get caught in your hair, and will also make the earring visible. On top of this, wearing your hair up will help to keep the earring the main focal point of your style. 

White Gold & Diamond Devotion Stud & Cuff Earring

Mishanto London | White Gold & Diamond Devotion Stud & Cuff Earring | £245.00