Nadia Sara Achha is an internationally acclaimed model, actress and voice over artist. She is well versed in the art of jewellery styling, and her background in the industry has solidified her love of all things that sparkle and shine. Photoshoot after photoshoot… Nadia has honed in on her jewellery style and knows exactly what suits her.  

But her interest in nutrition, well-being and sustainability often come in conflict with the jewellery that she chooses to wear. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Nadia to ask her about her top styling tips. Stay tuned as we find out how Nadia navigates these conflicts, prioritises her well-being and promotes an ethical fashion future. 



What colour jewellery do you usually wear?

I usually stick to natural colours. I love earthy colours like khaki green, emerald, burnt orange - I find they compliment my skin tone the best. I also wear both silver and gold, as I find my skin lends itself to both.


What are the core values that you live and style by?

I don't own a lot of jewellery, just a few special items. My collection is all very minimalistic and  'tribal' with natural imprints - I don't really tend to choose any other designs. I find the jewellery that I do go for is directly reflected in the people that make it; they have an appreciation for the natural world, simplicity and ethics.



How do you view the world of fast-fashion?

I think with the growing population it has become 'necessary' to produce fashion items at such a fast rate. Fashion trends are growing and evolving so quickly and everyone wants the next best thing to fulfil whatever it is they get from fitting in with the 'fashion'. However, I personally don't get much from following fashion trends - I know what suits me and rarely venture away form that.

Ethical fashion is less about trends and more about the individual and their love for a specific design by a specific designer, for me anyway! With the world we live in, it's difficult to venture away from fast fashion. It’s all around us and it’s highly likely we all own something from this kind of production. It’s cheaper for one, and not everyone always understands the harmful effects of fast fashion. 

Ethically, Fast Fashion comes at a huge cost - it is no secret that this type of production is detrimental to the wellbeing of the workers behind it. However, we are totally removed from the reality of fast fashion. I think JewelStreet are doing a fantastic job in bringing ethical fashion to the masses.


Do you think that sustainability should be embraced more in the fashion and jewellery industries?

YES totally. Absolutely.



Are you more inclined to buy sustainable designs? For example, designers that source their gemstones sustainably, use recycled materials, make eco-friendly packaging etc.

Yes, without a doubt. I don't think I could willingly choose to wear something that has been made for the sake of ease, at the detriment to other people and the world.


Why should we be focusing internally on our well-being, as well as focusing externally on our impact on the environment?

This whole question for me just makes me think of how much better it is to be self-aware than unaware. Self-awareness means we can be intelligent about our actions, thoughts and ways of behaving - which gives us the opportunity to be the best versions of ourselves for our own fulfilment and for the people around us.

You can't ever lose anything by focusing on your own wellbeing, and the most you'll lose is a few pounds here and there for doing the best you can to harmonise your existence with the external environment. The environment is not ours to detrimentally impact as we have done with fashion - we are better than that.



JewelStreet offers a platform whereby people can trace the origins of their jewellery. They know exactly who makes them and where the pieces are made. Knowing that our jewellery is made ethically and sourced ethically is hugely important. Is this something that you take into consideration when styling your own outfits?

YES - more because my jewellery usually comes from interesting places, and the story behind them makes me feel more enriched as a person.

My favourite necklace was made by an organisation in Cambodia that made jewellery out of old bombshells from the war. All profits went to surrounding schools for the children and families who were directly affected . They realised an opportunity to create something great out of something terrible. A metaphor for life really… one that most people will experience at some point on a more personal level.


What is your go-to piece of jewellery on the daily?

The necklace I mentioned above! Paired with a few rings made from wood, different metals and natural opals.


Finally, what are your top jewellery styling tips?

Always wear metals that suit your skin tone, and gradually add colour or 'patterns' depending on where you're going. For me, simplicity is key to having my jewels stand out. You can never go wrong if you go simple!