Industrial jewellery is defined by its use of unconventional materials and intriguing forms. Since chain necklaces exploded back onto the fashion scene, the industrial aesthetic has provided design houses such as Chanel and Givency with a great deal of inspiration. People want to make bold and striking choices with their jewellery, and for these individuals, dainty is out and daring is in!

Inspired by urban architecture and repurposed industrial materials, industrial jewellery can take many forms. Industrial materials often come in their raw, untouched form. Therefore sleek metal shapes and minimalist aesthetics are often associated with the industrial jewellery trend. However, designers such as Viktor & Rolf imbue the industrial trend with an edge of luxury, with precious gemstones adorning their metal designs. Fendi go chic and simple. Perhaps industrial jewellery creates the perfect harmony between statement and subtle, which is why designers are fully on-board with this trend. Industrial jewellery enhances your outfit without stealing the show.

From hammered metal earrings to steel bolt bracelets, discover the top industrial designers on JewelStreet - they’ll definitely give your jewellery box what it craves this season.

A Jewel

Sterling Silver Industrial 1 Ring A Jewel Sterling Silver Little Cog Hoop Earrings

 London-based designer Akvile Cenkyte founded ‘A Jewel’ in 2015. She takes inspiration from industrialism, city life and urban culture, which translates through her striking metal designers. This designer intriguingly fuses the past and the present by harnessing traditional jewellery-making techniques in fresh and innovative ways. She said: “I want to bring my own interpretation of traditional fine jewellery craftsmanship and create a new language, and then express that language through my pieces.” Clearly, the personal interests and passions of the designer are reflected in the jewellery, thus fashioning an intimate relationship between the designer and wearer. The sleek and shiny aesthetic of A Jewel jewellery is visibly industrial. Discover the range of gorgeous heavy metal jewellery this designer showcases on JewelStreet. From striking rings to dainty hoops, A Jewel reinvents the industrial look with original flair.


Corinne Hamak

Unity Double Circles Earrings Corinne Hamak Proportion Ring

Fellow London designer, Corinne Hamak, is inspired by an array of stimuli. From natural landscapes to her cosmopolitan upbringing, inspiration is sought in various places for Corinne. Even so, much of her jewellery exudes a bold and confident industrial edge. Take a look at her proportion ring: the simple yet unusual look of the ring creates a playful fusion between bold and understated. Delicately textures but minimal in design, this ring is the perfect wardrobe staple for those looking to adopt the industrial look this season. Pair with a muted monochrome ensemble for an effortless look that remains chic. Similarly, the use of both silver and gold in the Unity Double Circles Earrings creates harmony and balance. Warm and cool hues worn together are complementary and stylish. Shop Corinne Hamak for unique jewellery picks that enhance your authentic style.


Asymmetrical Crystal Ring Emerald Silver Ring - Love Frost Ring

Pasionae is New York through and through, hence its industrial aesthetic. The collection of striking rings utilises raw materials such as wood, glass and metal. Pasionae’s playful approach to form and shape lends itself to bold jewellery that radiates authentic edge. Each piece is said to exude its own personality whilst harnessing the passions of its wearer. This intimate relationship between the jeweller, jewellery and wearer creates a unique story inspired by narratives of urban life. The marble ring is my personal favourite. This unconventional use of marble creates a unique ring you won’t see anyone else wearing. For a dash of colour, Pasionae also has a range of coloured jewellery to elevate your spring wardrobe. Feel confident and edgy wearing these pieces, they’re full of New York attitude.


Quattuor Ring in Shiny Yellow Gold Plated EKRIA Tres Midi Ring in Shiny White Gold Plated

Lead designer of EKRIA, Esra Karadeniz, creates sleek jewellery with a futuristic vibe. Her background in accessories design at Central Saint Martins cultivated a nuanced approach to jewellery. Esra Karadeniz honed her jewellery craft in Brooklyn, thus the industrial aesthetic is deeply rooted in her designs. EKRIA jewellery is designed for both men and women, demonstrating how the industrial aesthetic knows no gender. Take the minimal and sleek Quattor ring. The shield-like design exudes strength and power and would be a strong addition to any outfit. For a look that is always one step ahead of the game, shop EKRIA jewellery.

My Bling

Plated Sterling Silver Circle Ring My Bling Plated Sterling Silver Omega Ring

The strong architectural shapes within My Bling jewellery make them the perfect designer to discover for some industrial finesse. All of the pieces are handcrafted in lead designer Sophia Hatzina’s workshop, adding a truly personal touch. Her collection features clean lines, geometric shapes and striking forms. These jewellery pieces will certainly make you stand out from the crowd, but through a considerate and understated approach to fashion. Sophia wants the women who wear her jewellery to feel confident and unique. Using traditional metals of gold, silver and platinum, shop My Bling for a sleek and chic take on the industrial trend.

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