Launched at the beginning of 2015, Willow and Clo’s unique Soundwave collection has been growing and developing ever since. And for founder and designer of the Irish brand, Chloe Townsend, this is her signature collection.

“This collection will definitely always be a core collection for my brand and one I will always want to grow and expand. I love how the different messages and sayings on the pieces can change and how much scope there is for the collection to go in different and interesting directions.”

The beauty of sound waves

The collection is inspired by the creative process of music, where the vibrations of sound form unique wave patterns. “Life is full of inspirations and I always find that moment when the creative magic happens is when you’re not looking for it, and you’re utterly in the moment.  You’re not necessarily thinking about creating a piece of jewellery or something functional, it’s all about the beauty you see. I had been playing with the idea of a secret message collection, and in a lovely moment where my partner was recording himself playing Claire De Lune on the piano into his music software, I saw how beautiful, unusual and different the waves created by the musical sounds were. In that moment I thought it would be such an interesting way to use sound to portray someone’s message.”

Strength Disc NecklaceStrength Disc BraceletBella Vita Large Disc Earring

Each design takes at least 4 weeks of loving craftsmanshipsw-earrings

The collection features eight different pieces, including a mix of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, and each design is finished in either brushed matte sterling silver or 22kt yellow gold vermeil. Chloe handcrafts each piece in wax originally and then it is cast into metal and then cleaned up and polished. The final step is to do the engraving of the soundwave. “One wax mould can take a full day to make! The casting process normally takes anywhere from a week to two and then the finishing process is another week or so. All in all, most my pieces take between 4-6 weeks to make from scratch to finish.”

Hidden messages and hopeful words

It’s the secret messages and hopeful words that make this collection unique, as only the wearer knows what the soundwave says. “Each sound has a unique wave pattern that is engraved into wearable pieces of jewellery that captures a unique story for each wearer.” And it’s become the brand’s most popular collection. “I think the connection it creates with the wearer and knowing there is something more behind the piece has really connected with my customers.”

“From the moment I knew I wanted to design jewellery, I wanted each piece to be part of a story so this is why all my pieces belong to a collection; they belong to a memory. Jewellery to me has always held such sentimental value and that’s what I find most wonderful about it, nearly every woman will have a story from their jewellery or been handed down that special piece. I wanted my jewellery to be like this, not just something you wear but a memory of a moment you treasure. And what better way to do this then have those beautiful memories encapsulated in your own little box of treasures.”

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