It is rumoured that a picture can say a thousand words, but is this the same with jewellery? Of course colours and gems come with different moods, feelings and personality traits attached. But what if your jewellery could say just one thing?

Imagine being able to convey one message, and one message only. What would you want your jewellery to say about you?

Join us as we uncover some of the top jewellery brands that incorporate the written word into their designs. Love, laughter and partying are at the forefront of this selection. Just in time for the festive season, these could be the perfect gifts for that sassy friend that always makes a strong statement with their style.

Let's Party Rings

Say it and slay it...

It doesn’t hurt to be literal sometimes. Having writing on your jewellery can help to convey what you’re feeling without you having to actually speak. What could be better?

These rings are part of the Tell Me collection, which pays homage to the importance of communication and interaction.The rings often feature different coloured gems and diamonds. These can easily be stacked and arranged on the hand to spell out secret messages that only the keen eye will notice.

On those days when you feel like speaking a little less, let your jewellery do the work for you. These can be great conversation starter for those that struggle to find common ground with people when socialising.

Let's Ring With Multicolour Spinels  Kiss Ring   Hand Ring

Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery | Let's Ring With Multicolour SpinelsKiss Ring, Hand Ring | £1,406.00, £1,353.00 and £1,199.00

Self-love and self-care...

Recent years have seen a decrease in people choosing inspirational quotes as tattoos. If you’ve been thinking about getting one, but don’t want to take the plunge, consider trying out jewellery first.

Much like the well known Julia Roberts film Eat, Pray, Love Ongkara’s jewellery promotes spirituality and self-reflection. The following rings are part of the Your Mantra Collection, and each ring is engraved with meaningful phraseology. ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ and ‘Follow your dreams’ are featured in the below designs.

These are rings that will last a lifetime. Their meaning can be applied everyday, and each ring acts as a reminder to centre yourself and set realistic goals. If you believe you can achieve, you will achieve.

Follow your dreams Ring   Yellow Gold Live Laugh Love Ring   Enjoy the Little Things Ring

 Ongkara | Follow Your Dreams Ring, Yellow Gold Live Laugh Love Ring, Enjoy the Little Things Ring | £110.00, £110.00 and £110.00

Oh tell me you love me…

The colder nights of winter can get lonely from time to time. With only Netflix to keep you company, it’s hard to put yourself out there and make new friends. We have the perfect  handmade jewellery accessories that will make you want to dance the Christmas nights away.

The two pairs of earrings below are fun, flirtatious and cheeky. One has the words ‘you love me, you want me’ and the other says ‘tell me you love me’.

It has actually been proven that you can plant ideas into someone’s subconscious. Subliminal messages can lead to individuals starting to believe concepts that you have imprinted within their mind. There is some serious reverse psychology going on here. Here’s to hoping these earrings will lead to love!

Tell Me Earring Set With Pave Diamonds  You Love Me Earring With Ruby    You Love Me Earring With Ruby

Ongkara | Tell Me Earring Set With Pave Diamonds, You Love Me Earring With Ruby | £2,950.00 and £871.00

I can read you like a book…

These enchanting necklaces are a way to carry the wisdom of Don Miguel Ruiz’s best-selling book The Four Agreements close to your heart. They feature a beautiful and delicate engraving of a flower on the outer leaf, and when opened, wise words are found within.  

Inscribed within is a thoughtful message: “Be impeccable with your word, Don’t take anything personally, Don’t make assumptions, Always do your best”. Wear this necklace as a powerful reminder to believe in yourself, no matter where life takes you.

People bestow an importance upon words. We say ‘I love you’ to those we deeply care for and ‘I hate you’ to those who rile emotions within us. These jewellery pieces are a reminder to be wary of the words we speak, as they have an impact.

Four Agreements Book Necklace In Silver   Four Agreements Book Necklace In Silver   Four Agreements Book Necklace In Silver

House of Alaia | Four Agreements Book Necklace In Silver | £77.00