How to be fabulous at 50

Contrary to popular belief, looking fashionable over 50 is easy. It might appear that millennials withhold the style strength, but you’ll be surprised to find that the opposite is true. As we age, our style becomes infused with life and vitality. Your clothing and jewellery become a timeline of who you were, who you are, and who you aspire to be. 

Turning 50 is a milestone in all of our lives. We all face that barrier where the candles no longer fit on the birthday cake, and it becomes more and more of an attractive concept to lie about our age. But in all honestly… 50 is bloomin’ fabulous. You should be growing old ungracefully, and letting go of all your style inhibitions of the past. 

Most of us tend to stay safe with our fashion… especially you. But sometimes it’s nice to throw caution to the wind and explore a style that is completely alien. We’ve brought together our favourite bloggers over 50 to give you their advice and top style tips.  This is an overlooked demographic that deserves to be celebrated!

How to look fabulous over 50

Shauna is 59 years young and living her absolute best life. From exuberant colour combinations, to confident patterned outfits, to statement pairs of bedazzling earrings... @chicover50 has become a platform to celebrate self-confidence in styling. There is a sense of ageless style that permeates Shauna’s feed. Hitting the big five-o doesn’t mean that you’ve come to the end of your fashion journey. Quite the opposite actually. You’re only at the beginning.

How to look fabulous over 50

Feeling good and looking good are inextricably tied to our health. Angelique Miles is an avid music lover, model and fashion fitness influencer. She is here to provide you with the content you’ve been searching for. She is a great role model for sustaining a balanced and healthy fashion fixation. Your style should resonate with who you are as a person. It should resonate with your feelings, attitudes and well-being. Go ahead and splurge on the cake and the jewellery. Treat yourself days are allowed here… as long as you head back to the gym the next morning!


How to look fabulous over 50

Stefanie Pollard and Jessica Gottlieb are the faces behind @wearemidlife. Their followers literally follow in their footsteps, as they navigate the complex journey from “Motherhood to Otherhood”. Life after 50 is a hell of a lot busier than before. The office you used to work in? You run it now. Your old high school? That’s where your children go. Stefanie and Jessica celebrate the passage of time, and view their age, profession and style as accomplishments. Give Stefanie and Jessica a follow for carefully considered jewellery tips, clothing inspo, relationship advice, finance and health assistance.


How to feel fabulous over 50

Baddiewinkle is a 90 year old influencer who’s been “stealing ur man since 1928”. For some, the over 50 category is a wasteland of technophobes rocking nothing but beige. If anything, Baddiewinkle is a great reminder to not disregard the generations who started the trends we’re loving at the moment. Neon colours? Baddiewinkle lived it already in the 80s! She’s reliving it now for sure. Head on over to her feed to a pop of colour, and then some. With help from her granddaughter, Baddiewinkle has become an internet sensation. Let this be a lesson to you… you’re never too old.

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