Being a Mum in 2019 is like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle whilst wearing a blindfold. Being a fashionable Mum is an even bigger feat. How do you take time out of your already busy day to focus on your style? The Mums of Instagram have a few tips and tricks up their sleeves. These are the women who truly understand you. They sympathise with the need to retain a balanced life. You can go from the school drop-off, straight to the office, straight to an evening event with a classic sense of style. Find out how...

Instagram is THE destination for style tips, inspiration and advice. But how do you navigate through all the influencers to find the perfect one for you? I’ve curated a list of the top 10 mummy bloggers. These are mums that don’t glamorise or censor the tears, tantrums and baby sick. It may seem like an unachievable utopia, but it is possible to be fashion-forward whilst changing a nappy.


James Kicinski-McCoy is a stylish mum of four based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her Instagram feed resembles a well organised wardrobe. Tidy and aesthetically pleasing are words that come to mind. As her loyal followers know, the kids are always in bed by 8pm, which is when the real instagram content comes out to play. Keep an eye out for humorous and informative insta Q&As about the lifestyle of a fashion-forward mum, and join the bleubird tribe today. James is also co-editor of Mother Magazine, and her content is catered towards those searching for mummy lifestyle and styling tips. Although this is a bulk of her demographic, James’ content is by no means exclusive to this audience. She offers inspiration to all who seek it. After all, she did confess that she wanted to be Madonna when she grew up. What could be more stylish than that?


Chriselle Lim is a fashion blogger, social media influencer, stylist, and proud mother of two girls. She is incredibly candid and honest about motherhood, and this is reflected through both her personal Instagram feed and blog content on The Chriselle Factor. No topic is off limits. Chriselle has talked about meltdowns, tantrums, and even sex after giving birth. Motherhood and fashion go hand in hand for Chriselle. She is all about “elevating the everyday through little luxuries, fashion inspo, beauty tips and life hacks”. Given that she started out as a wardrobe stylist, it comes as no surprise that her style is always on-point, with an essence of clarity and confidence injected into it. YouTube and Instagram are platforms that Chriselle take advantage of to promote positivity and inspire this same confidence in ALL women, not just mums! Chriselle’s Insta feed is the place to be for day-to-day styling tips, but it is also the place to be for inspiration straight from the runway. At the moment, Chriselle has some of the best fashion week coverage and street-style out there.

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