Summer is fast approaching and I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the warmer weather. There is only one drawback to the hotter temperatures, and that is that everyone is stripping down to next to nothing. While this makes way for cute summer outfits, jewellery can sometimes be forgotten, especially jewellery designed specifically for summer. Everyone loves the classic combination of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, but we’re forgetting jewellery that is perfect for a stripped back summer look. Introducing... body jewellery.

While body jewellery isn’t a style that is traditionally worn or is usually hidden away, the warm summer months welcome its presence back into our summer wardrobes. I’m talking anklets, body chains and wrap accessories. Here are the hottest pieces you should be introducing into your summer repertoire.


Anklets or ankle bracelets are like Marmite - you either love them or you hate them. Here’s why you should love them. Anklets seem to have a bad reputation as being tacky and inappropriate. However, they are a fabulous summer trend and when styled a certain way, look cute and sassy. In 2016, anklets saw a resurgence on the Spring/Summer runway. Chloe showed off gold anklets paired with beachy flip flops, the ideal way to show off an anklet. Alternatively, Marc Jacobs elegantly layered two anklets over classic black pumps. At the beach, people tend to remove all traces of jewellery, to avoid sand or sea water affecting their jewels. Anklets complete a beach-ready outfit and can add texture and depth to any look.

The Baroque Freshwater Pearl & Satin Anklet is a fashionable choice that will complete a dressed up summer outfit, layered over a pair of heels. The white satin band accentuates the colour and texture of the pearl, the ideal gemstone for summer. The Yellow Gold Filled Heston Anklet is minimal, pretty and has a summery gold colour. It’s best worn with painted toes and sandals to decorate an exposed ankle, but also adds glamour to a summer evening look after a day at the beach. For silver lovers, the Rhodium Plated Multi Drop Anklet is sparkly and strikingly contemporary, with six droplets dangling from the chain.

JEAN JOAILLERIE | Baroque Freshwater Pearl & Satin Anklet (Left)| £120.00
Alison Fern Jewellery | Yellow Gold Filled Heston Anklet (Middle)| £92.00
Lucy Quartermaine | Rhodium Plated Multi Drop Anklet (Right)| £55.00

Body accessories

Body chains and navel piercings are the ultimate summer accessory. The rest of the year, body accessories are packed away in the closet or hidden underneath layers of clothing. The summer months is where body chains are given their deserved spotlight. Wear a body chain over the top of a bikini for extra sparkle or wear underneath a crop top and shorts combination, for a playful peekaboo vibe. If you have your belly button pierced, summer is the time for you to really play with colours, patterns and prints.

The Scarab Body Chain With Rubies is a high-end, high-quality body accessory that wraps around the body, accentuating your curves and summer outfit. The accessory wraps over the shoulders, runs down the back and wraps around the waist, meeting in the middle of the body, where a ruby sits. Comfortable and glamorous, it is the ultimate fashion accessory. The Platinum Sapphire Navel Bar features a unique sapphire gemstone, cut into a diamond shape. The cool colours of the blue-green sapphire sparkle and shine, adding colour and texture to a summer look. The Sterling Silver Concord Chain Necklace is versatile and can be worn multiple ways. Start by placing it round the neck and letting the extra long chain run down the body. This piece will add flair and length to the body and is the perfect compliment to a bikini.

Conges | Scarab Body Chain With Rubies (Left)| £5,323.00
Damian J. Miles | Platinum Sapphire Navel Bar (Middle)| £965.00
AKA Jewellery | Sterling Silver Concord Chain Necklace (Right)| £224.00