If you are looking to add some beauty to your jewellery box, you should definitely consider a tanzanite ring.

Not only is this blue variety of the mineral zoisite the birthstone for December, but it is also the gem for a 24th wedding anniversary too, meaning it would make a great gift.

No matter whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, we’re sure you will find the perfect tanzanite ring for you from the suggestions below. 

Tanzanite Jazz Ring - Biiju £2,800

The first ring we love is this tanzanite ring from the Jazz collection that UK-based designer Biiju has crafted. 

This ring is simple yet unusual. The exquisite blue tanzanite in the centre is offset with the contrasting vibrant orange sapphires. 

Tanzanite Ring With Scroll Shoulders - Julie Lloyd George £1,800

If you are looking for a ring that has a vintage feel to it, we would definitely recommend this tanzanite ring from Julia Lloyd George.

The ring draws on inspiration from the ancient world. You have the striking oval tanzanite in the centre, with elegant scroll patterns on the shoulder. This is a pattern that was popular in Ancient Egypt, and so you have a ring that has that elusive timeless quality - it will never go out of fashion. 

The designer, Julia Lloyd George, is known for creating head-turning jewellery pieces, with more than 30 years of experience to her name. 

14kt Gold Natural Oval Tanzanite Engagement Ring - Master Jewelry by John from £532

With a regal feel to it, this ring from Master Jewelry by John is guaranteed to capture people’s attention. 

The duo behind the piece - Sandra and John - are a dynamic husband and wife team, and they create jewellery from their base in Los Angeles. 

This gorgeous engagement ring is one of their standout pieces, featuring a stunning 1.02 CT round blue tanzanite, which is surrounded by smaller diamonds, creating the most magical shimmer. 

Yellow Gold Tanzanite & Cubic Zirconia Garland Ring - Dexter Augustus from £274

Oozing feminine appeal, we love this ring from Dexter Augustus. 

The simple outline of the plumeria flower is taken to new heights thanks to the tanzanite gemstones, with the beautiful cubic zirconia stones going around the band to enhance the overall glamour of the ring. 

While Dexter is based in the UK, his designs also take elements from Ancient Egypt, bringing them to life in iconic, bold jewellery pieces. 

Sterling Silver Tanzanite Crown Ring - Carolin Stone from £97

German designer Carolin Rossa has really outdone herself with this ring. 

She is a firm believer in the healing powers of gemstones, and so not only does this delicate ring look beautiful but it has been designed to support women on their journey of self-healing. 

Featuring different shades of tanzanite on a sterling silver base, this beautiful ring will remind you to believe in yourself, helping you to tackle those difficult days head-on. 

Square Cushion Cut Tanzanite Diamond Cocktail Ring - Silver Yulan £14,399

Next, we have this alluring and vivid ring, which features a vibrant and striking blue tanzanite, which is mounted on 18kt white gold. 

To add to the luxury of the piece, numerous diamonds are used to provide an opulent finishing touch. You will feel like a true celebrity while wearing this ring, which has been crafted by Silver Yulan. 

The lead designer of the brand, Min Sun, has also been in love with the contrast and harmony of colours that are found in nature. This has resulted in her creating exquisite pieces of jewellery whereby the gemstones are the star of the show. 

This ring is a perfect example of what her approach to jewellery design is all about.

18kt Rose Gold Tanzanite Ring - Marcello Riccio from £1,050

Perhaps this enhancing ring, with rich blue tanzanite, is the perfect choice for you? There is no denying that rose gold is at the height of fashion today, and this metal looks perfect when combined with the vivid blue shade of the gemstone. 

The delicate and refined silhouette will look beautiful if you’re dressing up for any sort of occasion, whether it is a special business evening or a night out with your friends. 

This ring has been designed and handcrafted by Marcello Riccio, who is a designer known for creating lavish collections for jewellery fans around the world. He does this from his base in London. 

14kt Gold & Round Tanzanite Diamond Engagement Ring - Master Jewelry by John from £480

Next, we have another piece of jewellery from the husband and wife team at Master Jewelry by John.

The pair have a lot of experience in the jewellery industry, and this is something that certainly shows in the beautiful tanzanite rings that they have created.

They have both lived a life imbued with sophistication and style, and they have fed this into the jewellery pieces that they have created.

With this ring, there is a beautiful centre blue tanzanite, with diamonds used to add some extra beauty and enhance the centre stone.

White Gold, Tanzanite and Diamond Ring - Julia Lloyd George £4,219

Finally, if you are looking for a striking tanzanite ring whereby the stone really is the star of the piece, we would definitely recommend this ring from Julia Lloyd George.

This is also a designer that we’ve already touched upon earlier. With her level of experience, you are always going to get thoughtful and stylish designs, and that is what we love about this piece.

The stunning blue tanzanite has been teamed with a striking 18kt white gold band. Aside from the stone, we love the detail that has been incorporated in terms of the baguette diamonds, which accent the centre stone, being set in gold at either side of the tanzanite.

It is thoughtful touches like this that make all of the difference when it comes to choosing the perfect tanzanite ring for your jewellery collection.