KEAR Age-Defying Face Balm - KEAR Natural £39


This product is a smooth anti-aging cream, made with no less than 7 different unique active natural ingredients. It's a face balm that aims to moisturize your dry skin and bring out an even tone and slow down the signs of aging. Your complexion will be more consistent and your skin will shine brighter.

KEAP Natural is an ancient Greek skincare brand, rooting it's history in such an iconic country and it's wisdom of old. They pride themselves on producing natural products, and always making them locally to support people of the community. 

Horse Oil Soap - Lhamour £9


A truly bizarre but wonderfully creative product, made with horse fat. It's designed to sink deep into the skin and hydrate it on another level. The nutrition your skin receives is amazing, thanks to the Mongolian horses who are only fed natural grass. They live freely in the Steppe, and that makes their fatty acid unsaturated.

Lhamour has developed quite the reputation for eco friendly products that are absolutely unique. They believe in using only the finest ingredients from the land and never going near anything like synthetics. 

Berry Lip Scrub - Conscious House London £12


Made with natural beetroot this is an exfoliant for your lips. The scrub can be used to gently wipe away the dead skin on your lips and does so, with completely natural ingredients. The texture is very consistent and soft, so you won’t feel any coarseness at all. It's a great little product to put on during the fall and winter.

Made by Conscious House London, this brand was started from the ground up to make affordable eco friendly products. Skincare is so exciting when you know, you’re using products without any chemicals so there are no downsides.

Cloud Nine 3-in-1 Silk Mask - Ikemian £36


This unique formula used peptides, ceramides and refined ingredients that help your hair follicles regain their strength and silky smooth consistency. This will give your hair the appearance of being thicker, more hydrated and with a springy bounce. The argan oil and cocoa butter, really helps to give your hair the body and luscious look you really crave.

Made by Ikemian, it's a brand that is proud to use only the richest, most refined natural oils. Made in Germany, you can expect nothing but the best quality and dedication to find the most impactful solutions to haircare.

Nettle Hair Oil - Lhamour £16


Nettles have always been a love hate relationship, because they can cause pain, but their health qualities are also very useful. This nettle hair oil is packed full of vitamins which boost strong hair growth. 

The simple fact is, with the sheer amount of vitamin E and various oils, such as ginger oil, nettle oil, soybean oil, rosehip oil and many more, your hair will be fully nourished! 

Lhamour is a brand residing in Mongolia and has a knack for making brilliant natural ingredient products. They believe that every great product begins with the need to love yourself. 

Renove Hair Styling Gel - Amassuna £18


This phyto-active hair gel is packed full of antioxidants and this helps to slow down hair loss. With the jaborandi plant extract and the rosemary plant extract working together with red algae seaweed, your hair will not just regain its strength but also, it's fabulous shine. Unlike other gels, this product will not strip your natural oils away.

Amassuna is a natural beauty brand, which demands only the finest ingredients sourced from the Amazon rainforest. The botanicals found here are second to none in the world of eco friendly beauty.

Rose Quartz & Rose Hand & Cuticle Cream - Prismologie £25


There’s no other way to say it, but this is the most luxurious and rich cream with pure botanical extracts, that your hands will ever be lucky enough to use. If you have stressed hands and you just need to take a break, this cream will be your best friend. 

The amazing fragrance is matched by the full-body texture and it wills you to massage it into your hands, lovingly. 

This british brand is called Prismologie and it makes some of the best mood-enhancing products in the eco friendly beauty product market. 

Andromeda Baby Pink Lipstick - LuluRose Cosmetics £21


This is made with a smooth formula to create a product that  you will want to use again and again. It gives your lips plenty of hydration and moisturizes the surface so you have a silky texture. The fuller your lips, the better! The color is rich and bold, just the way pink lipstick should be.

Made by LuluRose Cosmetics, a New Zealand brand, they make products that are vegan friendly, with organically farmed natural ingredients. This makes for products which look and feel like nothing else. They should definitely be given a try for those looking for something new.

Dream Eye Renewal Serum - Elan Skincare £38


Every single product that wishes to give your strength and brightness always has heaps of vitamin E. and this eye serum is no different. But it also has marine microalgae and vitamin C, for that luscious brightening effect your skin needs. It lifts the skin and makes it firmer so your dark circles are banished.

A british women-led brand called Elan Skincare makes this product. It doesn’t hold back in it's love for womanhood, making products that bless your body, mind and soul. The natural ingredients used are hand-chosen for their quality.

Baby Balm - Lhamour £14


This is a rich and creamy body butter, which has been designed to be absorbed easily into any skin type and soften it with it's ingredients such as sheep’s tail fat oil. This is of course ethically done and sourced, so you can enjoy this product to smooth out your skin and most of all, prevent dryness building up.

Made by the Mongolian brand Lhamour, they pride themselves on knowing the lay of the land and only selecting the best natural ingredients. You will never have a whiff of synthetics in their products. 

This has been our top 10 pick for the most alluring beauty products that are 100% eco friendly. Contact us if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help.