Beads are one of the world’s oldest decorative designs, with examples of beads coming from as early as 38,000BC in Europe. They can come in loads of shapes, sizes, and colours, and, when used properly, can be a beautiful addition to the jewellery you wear. Let’s take a look at some of the best-beaded jewellery available from independent designers on today’s market.

Solid Gold Leo Beaded Bracelet - ATOLYESTONE £550

As part of ATOLYESTONE jewellery’s Solid Gold range, this bracelet features an absolutely gorgeous 14kt solid gold bead, with an intricate lion’s head formed on its surface to signify bravery and nobility. This is framed by a set of Jasper stone beads, with each individual bead being polished smooth to show off its unique pattern.

This piece embodies ATOLYESTONE jewellery’s aim to create pieces that are inspired by contrasts between cultures in the East and West and is handmade in London.

Sterling Silver Green Jade Zebedee & Stone Beaded Macrame Bracelet - Anchor & Crew £95

Featuring a set of breathtaking 15cm multi-facetted jade stone beads, this beaded bracelet is sure to turn heads. Each bead is hand-shaped before being placed on a strong cotton string with knots to separate them. A knotted macrame drawstring can be found at the back of the bracelet, with delicate sterling silver fasteners making it possible to adjust the bracelet to your wrist.

Anchor & Crew are a British manufacturer that is known for its modern minimalist style and high-quality pieces.

Sterling Silver Palermo Beaded Hoop Gemstone Drop Earrings with Blue Topaz - Latelita London £49

These beautiful earrings offer a unique take on beads. Starting from the standard stud fastening at the back of this piece, sterling silver beaded hoop curves forwards before terminating with a delicate and painstakingly cut Blue Topaz in the shape of a teardrop. This piece is available in a wide variety of different colours.

Latelita London is well-known for producing statement pieces that fuse Eastern and European designs, with semi-precious gemstones playing a significant role in their work.

Sterling Silver Eastern Promises Round Beaded Rings Statement Necklace - Designs by JAK £386

Designed to stand out and make a statement, this sterling silver necklace is a gorgeous addition to any jewellery box. A chain made from delicate sterling silver hoops is bound together sets of smaller rings, with small beads decorating each large hoop. Thanks to its bold and refined design, this piece can be worn with a variety of outfits, from casual dresses to formal attire.

JAK is a Surrey-based design company that specialises in creating rust, handmade jewellery.

Mixed Agate, Aquamarine, Howlite & Amethyst Women's Beaded Bracelet - GT Collection £48

Bold, daring, and beautiful are just a few of the words you could use to describe this next piece. Made from a varied collection of Agate, Aquamarine, Howlite, and Amethyst beads, along with four Rose Gold zirconia beads, this bracelet is colourful and decadent. An adjustable fastener at the back of the bracelet features the GT Collection logo to finish the piece.

GT Collection is a Slovenia-based design company that aims to meld fashion and culture, focusing on gemstones and classical materials.

14kt Yellow Gold & Amethyst Mini Drop Earrings - Belle Fee NYC £36

These Mini Drop Earrings offer a unique and refined approach to precious gems. With a simple drop design, these earrings hang from a beautiful 14kt yellow gold chain with yellow gold hoops to keep them firmly attached to your ears. Beneath the chain hangs a set of gorgeous amethyst beads in bright purple, with a set of stunning gems set in yellow gold resting just above them.

Belle Fee is based in the US, specialising in creating natural products for spiritual healing, but their designs look great.

Violetta Chrysoprase Pendant - Emma Chapman Jewels £337

Handmade by Emma Chapman Jewels, this necklace features an eye-catching design that simply cannot be ignored. An exquisite handmade pendant with an engraved floral design and made with 24kt gold coating sterling silver hangs from an 18-inch chain.

The chain itself is covered with chrysoprase beads, and the pendant has two large chrysoprase beads embedded in it, creating a colourful design that looks great with a variety of outfits. Emma Chapman is known for creating affordable gemstone jewellery with a luxe bohemian edge.

Beaded Turquoise Benjamin Bracelet - Esenelle £175

Featuring a simply-yet-eye-catching design, this beaded turquoise bracelet is a great addition to your eveningwear collection. A set of perfectly rounded turquoise beads are held together on a strong 24kt gold chain, with an 18kt gold clasp that makes it easy to wear or remove the bracelet by yourself.

Originally founded in Bristol, UK, Esenelle now operates out of Brazil, producing a wide range of jewellery using semi-precious gems and metals like silver and gold. While many of their pieces are made for men, they can look great on any wrist.

Beaded Hoops - Quince Jewellery £46

Beads make it possible to add loads of colour to designs that incorporate metals like gold and silver, and these beaded hoops are a stunning example of this. A set of hoop earrings, these pieces are made with a strong sterling silver hoop, with a set of bright pink beads lining the outer edge.

A delicate wire is wrapped at the ends of each hoop to ensure that the beads remain firmly in place. Designed by an art historian turned jeweller, all of the pieces made by Qunice Jewellery feature the same ancient yet colourful designs.

Diamond Egg Grey & Brown Moonstone Beaded Bracelet - ClonferoDaPonte £852

Finally, as the last piece, we will be looking at, it’s time to take a glimpse of something truly special. This bracelet features a large egg-shaped diamond-encrusted bead to set the scene, with a set of smoothly polished grey and brown moonstones surrounding it. Each bracelet is lovingly handmade by ClonferoDaPontes, taking inspiration from religion, culture, and spiritual symbols.

Beads can be simple, complicated, and anywhere in between, and this makes them great for jewellery designers. We have plenty of other fantastic pieces that are based on beads on Jewel Street, and it’s well worth taking a look for yourself to see if you can find something that you love.

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