Cool contemporary earrings feature a modern, sleek, and timeless design. Whether they are made of silver or gold, contemporary earrings are perfectly designed to allow you to express yourself with splendour and sophistication without appearing stuck in the past. The sheer design and style allow for broad customization, making them one of the best jewellery pieces for the modern-day woman.  

There is no complete look without the perfect pair of cool contemporary earrings ranging from trendy styles to everyday staples, such as diamond cuts. Whether you love the dangles, hoops, or studs, there is always something for your style. Here is a collection of the ten best pieces of cool contemporary earrings for 2021. 

Mawi Isle Palm Trees Polymer Contemporary Earrings - Rebecca Thickbroom £35

Mawi Isle polymer clay contemporary earrings by Rebecca Thickbroom come from the Isle Collection of elegant yellow and red hues. These contemporary earrings are based on the embodiment of the desire to be free. They feature exclusive reef texture and a pop of tropical hues from the beautiful volcanic island of Mauritius.

Mawi Isle polymer clay contemporary earrings are a piece of beauty you can wear during any time of the day and make a fashion statement. Rebecca Thickbroom is a creative designer with an exclusive and distinctive touch of timelessness. Her work is characterized by the coastal appeal from native and tribal art collections. 

Silver & 22kt Gold Egypt Earrings - Pá-Sa-Ka Studio £175

The silver and 22kt gold Egypt earrings are a mix of perfect embellishment that will make it stand out from any crowd. Wear these pieces to become the trendsetter with a timeless, quirky style. 

Their unique rustic design is a scene to behold as they dangle over your shoulders. Designed by Pá-Sa-Ka Studio, the silver and 22kt gold Egypt contemporary earrings are a thing of beauty for any woman. Pá-Sa-Ka Studio is a diverse brand from a creative designer, Anna, known for her passion that embodies independence. Started in Lithuania before moving to Israel, her work is reflective of her crafty nature. 

18kt Gold Plated Delicate Sun Ray Hoop Earrings - ArteGia £47

The sunray gold plated hoop earrings by Artegia are yet another set of dazzling pieces for the modern woman. The delicate design and style put into these earrings are a statement of beauty and elegance. Based on the Royal Ray of Light Collection, they symbolize the strength of a woman through power, rebirth, and strength. 

Coming from a family-owned brand, Artegia, the timelessness in the design is undisputed. The brand bases its style on the traditional Indonesian heritage with collections that tell stories of the strength of a woman. 

Contemporary Gold & Sterling Silver Stud Earrings - Lavan £175

The gold and sterling silver contemporary earrings by Lavan are a pair of beauty-hammered jewellery pieces that depict fun and all-around sophistication. These contemporary earrings are designed with a weather-beaten tone to give them an edgy texture. 

Growing up in Kibbutz, Israel, David Weinberger studied fine art before moving to London, where he broadened his passion for fine jewellery. Working as the lead designer for Lavan, his sparkly, timeless pieces depict his mastery of art with a touch of texture and light. 

Rainbow Baguette Earrings - ARVINO £34

Rainbow baguette contemporary earrings come in a range of colour options designed with an 18kt gold vermeil. These hoops are not just luminescent and dainty but also graceful over your shoulders.

They are a fashion statement every contemporary woman would appreciate. Get empowered by the perfect look with these colourful pieces by ARVINO. ARVINO is one of the leading jewellery designers with stunning styles for women across different walks of life. The grand is known for its commitment to sustainability and constant improvement.

Pia Gemstone Spike Stud Earrings Silver Lapis Lazuli - Latelita London £29

These Pia Gemstone spike contemporary earrings are a perfect match with a black dress on a stylish daytime date. The minimal design on these studs makes them an adornment of beauty with a fresh twist of elegance for the simple woman. 

They feature a spiked gemstone finish in lapis lazuli. Latelita London has been in the industry since 2012 as a leading designer and vendor of fashion statement pieces with a fusion of contemporary European flamboyance.

Sterling Silver Blossom Stone Mismatched Wire Earrings - KATHRYN New York £290

These sterling silver blossom cool earrings by KATHRYN New York exude elegance in every season and at all times. Go for the natural appeal and timeless design on a 925 sterling silver base whenever you step. 

With the feeling of nature and bling, these 75-inch long contemporary earrings designed in New York City are a perfect match with any outfit. KATHRYN New York is a leading designer with an eye for beauty and elegance in jewellery pieces that empower modern women. Kathryn, the designer, is a passionate and devoted fashion guru in the fine jewellery industry. 

Sterling Silver Mosaic Blue Studs - SOLUNA £95

Designed by SOLUNA in London, these sterling silver mosaic pieces are made for the experienced modern woman. The earrings are crafted from the finest sterling silver with a touch of elegance and timelessness. 

They feature a combination of natural, indigenous pearls and seashells that give them a mosaic look. Started in 2015 in London, SOLUNA is a brainchild of a creative, innovative designer, Miguel Depaz. He takes his inspiration from his Peruvian heritage with a mix of ancient stories and modern designs. 

Neferure Large Earrings with Cubic Zirconia - Dexter Augustus Ltd £263

The Neferure Large contemporary earrings by Dexter Augustus Bespoke Couture are a stunning piece of modern design with a touch of ancient elements. The delicate marking and shapes of timeless Egyptian art can be seen in these pieces. 

Wear these cool earrings with a striking cut-out pattern and turn heads wherever you go. Dexter Augustus Bespoke Couture is known for applying modern technologies to create iconic designs.  

14kt White Gold Siroc Open Earrings - Hazel NY £128

These 14kt white gold contemporary earrings are designed with a sculpting technique that makes them unique and beautiful. The handmade pieces are cast from white gold with a satin finish. 

Hazel Kuffer is a New York-based designer with experience in fine contemporary jewellery. Hazel is a renowned master of artistry in sculpting statement pieces with a touch of class composition and edgy elegance. 

There you have it, the ten best pieces of cool contemporary earrings for 2021. Whether you have donned earrings since childhood or got your first pieces from your sweet teen years, you should know there is always something to suit different preferences. So why not give these cool contemporary earrings from JewelStreet a shot? You will be surprised at how you turn heads on the streets. 

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