A stunning piece of jewellery can make an entire outfit stand out. It is an excellent way to add a flash of personality to formal wear or as a memento from a special moment or chapter in your life. Each of the pieces listed below is created by some of the world’s best independent jewellery design studios.

There are ten of the most impressive pieces of silver jewellery for men available today that is a great addition to any wardrobe. 

Sterling Silver Paganus Ring - L. Skelly Jewellery £233

The Paganus ring looks like it was forged in ancient history. The impressively dramatic solid sterling silver ring takes its inspiration from the goldsmiths of the Viking Age and it shows. The triangular pattern and tapered edges make the ring stand out as a strong statement piece.

Created by Canadian metalsmith Chelsea Skelly blends ancient handcrafting techniques with her unique flair for experimentation to create highly imaginative rings. The Paganus ring is an exceptional example of Chelsea’s work. 

Sterling Silver Halo Ring - TREEM by Carl-David £157

TREEM specializes in unisex, sustainable, and ethical pieces of jewellery that look impressive on anyone. The Halo ring encapsulates TREEM’s philosophy with a ring that looks fantastic on any finger.

The ring’s design is influenced by nature and takes its shape and appearance from the ring that forms around the sun or moon when small ice crystals and thin cirrus clouds combine in Earth’s atmosphere. TREEM is a Swedish-based design studio founded by Carl-David who is committed to creating Nordic style jewellery that is sustainable. 

Sterling Silver DJ Ring - A Jewel £275

A Jewel is a studio founded by Akvile Cenkyte, an award-winning jewellery designer. Akville Cenkyte handcrafts incredible contemporary pieces from her studio in London's Hatton Garden. Inspired by the thumping beats of techno music and DJ culture, the DJ ring has an eye-catching design that would match well with a fashionable designer suit or streetwear.

Made from sterling silver, its highly polished finish is contrasted with the darker oxidized grooves reminiscent of the ebony and ivory of a keyboard or the pulsing sound waves on a DJ’s mixing screen. The ring comes in a variety of sizes and can be personalized with an engraving on the interior surface. 

Sterling Silver Anchor Necklace - HilaryandJune £104


This nautical necklace is made with sterling silver and is a perfect gift for anyone who has wind beneath their sails and is filled with the spirit of adventure. Originally designed by Hilary of Hilary&June as a gift for her brother, this wonderful piece has become a firm favourite in the studio’s collection.

The chunky silver chain and anchor have been designed to last and with this in mind, Hilary&June have made sure that the piece has a timeless quality. The necklace will match well with wearers of any age and regardless of their style.

Hilary June Burton is an Australian designer now working in Lisbon and has clearly taken inspiration from many of the anchors that have been thrown overboard as ship’s dock at the historic port. 

18kt Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver Sepia Cufflinks - Lesunja Fine Jewellery £868

Made from 18kt gold and sterling silver, these high-quality cufflinks hark back to a more refined age and add a fantastic finish to a crisp vintage suit. The cufflinks are a fantastic keepsake and their classic look makes them a perfect piece that could be handed down from generation to generation.

The Swiss are known for precision design whether it is army knives or world-class watches and the sepia cufflinks uphold this tradition.

Lesnuja Fine Jewellery handcraft design pieces that are so well regarded they have been seen multiple times during New York Fashion Week. 

Tyne Pulley Silver Necklace Pendant - Anchor & Crew £130

This is a glorious necklace perfect for everyday wear. The fun design is reminiscent of the pulleys you would find in an industrial warehouse or ship. Hanging off a .925 sterling silver chain, the pulley pendant is a great talking point that combines modern minimalist design with the best in British craftsmanship.

Anchor and Crew are so confident in the quality of their work they offer a one-year warranty on the necklace too. 

Anchor and Crew are an award-winning jewellery brand who make their pieces with the finest materials they can find. 

Sterling Silver & Blue Pietersite Celtic Stone Ring - LuvMyJewelry £172

The ring is bespoke crafted on a made-to-order basis ensuring you get a high-end artisanal crafted ring personalized for you. The bluestone is offset on either side with a glistening jet black enamel Celtic-inspired spiral that stands out against the iconic sterling silver. 

LuvMyJewelry was founded by Sujan Doshi to create luxurious pieces that tell a poetic story. Each lovingly made piece comes complete with a poem written by Sujan Doshi to encapsulate this idea as well.

Vanguard Skull Necklace - ATOLYESTONE £185

The Vanguard Skull necklace is created by ATOLYESTONE who draw their inspiration from the rich and ancient culture of Istanbul. The sterling silver shield shape pendant and protruding skull hang off a beaded chain and exemplify a warrior-like spirit.

Whether it is Game of Thrones or heavy metal, this chain will be appreciated by any free spirit who likes the sound of clashing swords and roaring thunder. 

Sterling Silver Men's Duco Ring - Paul Magen £98

Paul Magen’s Duco Ring is hand textured to give it a unique dappled look that provides a contemporary twist on the classic silver banded ring.

Paul’s unique designs are inspired by his childhood dreams of shipwrecked islands and you could certainly expect to find this beautiful piece sitting proudly amongst a pirate’s most prized possessions. 

Cylindrical Cufflink Silver Black Onyx - Latelita London £145

The house of Latelita makes stunning designs and these silver and black onyx cufflinks are no exception. Handcrafted from solid silver, these subtle cufflinks are elegant and would match well with your best tuxedo and would certainly not look out of place on the set of a James Bond movie.

The design uses an art deco style and reimagines it for the modern age. Latelita has become known for its statement jewellery and this is a fine addition to their impressive collection. 

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