The shopping days are ticking away. You've browsed and clicked everywhere. Scoured all the socials.

Wouldn't you like to cut out the marketing departments and the so-called experts?

This list gives you best-sellers that you know are popular with people just like you.

Shop quickly on line and you could pay an extra cost though. Mass-production and world-wide shipping means our planet, our futures, and the well-being of the people who make these products end up at the bottom of the Christmas lists.

We've scoured the monster retail sites, specialist press, and consumer surveys - sadly, Santa doesn't keep a central sales list - to find you this year's must haves.  

Shop for these gifts now, made sustainably and given that extra special touch by independent designers and makers at JewelStreet.

Wrapped Christmas presents

10: Anti-anxiety rings

Sensory jewellery has been all the rage for a while now.

These pieces offer an outlet for "fidgeting" and may be useful for people with anxiety, or who are neuro-diverse. 

Check out the designs that work for you, with textures, materials, and shapes designed to give relief via gentle, self-managed sensory stimulation. 

JewelStreet has a big selection of jewellery in this category, including a large Charlotte Garnett collection. 

Sterling silver stacking anti-anxiety rings by designer Charlotte Garnier

Sterling silver anti-anxiety point ring 

9: Spirit-scented candles

Rum is flying high as a Christmas choice at the world's biggest retailer. You dissolve in its deep, brown-sugar scent - reminiscent of many a cosy night in, and some fun, seasonal parties. 

Shop around for scents to suit your recipient.

How about this gingerbread candle from British maker, Amelia's Candle Co:

gingerbread candle by Amelia's Candle Co 

this gingerbread 3-wick candle is from Amelia's Candle Co 

Or make your Christmas candle party a vegan, tropical cocktail affair with this pina colada candle from Candles by Kara, from Canada. 

Pina colada soy wax candle by Candles by Kara

Candles by Kara make this candle using clean-burning, vegan soy wax


8: Crossbody bags

Grab one of these ong-strap crossbody bags for delivery on form and function. 

Women are snapping them up at the big retail sites because they love the comfort and security of the strap set-up. 

And, doesn't this example, by Thai makers Pacha, look perfect for work or a night out? 

a cross body bag by Pacha in shocking pink

'MARS' Leather Crossbody Bag in Shocking Pink

7: Initials pendants

You can't go wrong adding a name or initial to an item of jewellery. 

A gift instantly becomes more personal. More intimate. More thoughtful. 

Pop "initial" or "initials" into the search box at JewelStreet to see a dazzling array of this ever-popular gift. 

You'll find examples like this simple but sparling chain from Avilio London. Prices range from tens of pounds, up to thousands for the most exclusive items.

a K initial letter pendant by Avilio London

This gold-plated K pendant sparkles with cubic zirconia crystals

6: Hoop earrings

A great value pair of zirconia hoop earrings is one of the top sellers at Amazon.

At JewelStreet you have nearly 500 hoops to consider

Narrow your search with menus and filters to pick out the right pair. You're guaranteed ethical sourcing, sustainable working, and that special handmade, crafted, artisan feel. 

That's priceless. 

This pair by Farah Quereshi celebrates some very Christmassy reds in garnets and ruby. 

Hoop earrings with garnets and rubies

Flattering and stylish hoop earrings made in Britain from ethical sterling silver

5: Nursery nightlights

Personalised nursery light

A personalised rocket cloud light. Perfect for any child who dreams of the stars

You can turn a child's nursery into a swirling galaxy relatively easily these days. 

You can also go low-tech, but with real feeling and personality. 

Pick out a hand-made, personalised nightlight - or other nursery decorations - for a gift that will help inspire a lifetime of memories.

4: Sherpa hoodies

You want a warm, cosy, cuddle of a shirt to wear? Sherpa and fleece-lined sweatshirts and hoodies are the perfect mix of practical, fashionable, and huggably wearable. 

Shop at JewelStreet to get all that warmth but with independent designer cred thrown in. 

Click through the fashion section to find designs you like, then carry on to meet the designer. 

This is ULOANI from Canada, where warmth is a design neccessity.

Hooded, fleece-lined sweatshirt by Canadian designer ULOANI

Hera sweatshirt from the Nigerian-inspired Canadian maker ULOANI

3: Infinity bracelet 

What better way to send love than with a promise that it will last forever? 

The toppled, elongated 8 of the infinity symbol is always popular in jewellery. 

Precious metals and gems are themselves products of hugely long foundation processes. They suit the symbol. They will last a lifetime and beyond. 

A bracelet keeps the symbol always in mind. 

Choose jewellery that looks as significant as the message it hopes to deliver and you're on to a winner. 

This inifinity bracelet from London Road Jewellery is a wonderful example:

Infinity bracelet by London Road Jewellery

An infinity charm handcrafted from twisted 9kt yellow gold is worn on a double gold chain

2: Heart stud earrings

Choose this classic to send a very clear message. 

Stud earrings are easy to wear and super-versatile.

Any woman (or man) with pierced ears will wear a host of styles happily. 

At JewelStreet you'll find hearts to suit your heart's desires: handcrafted, glitzy and glamourous, and always sophisticated and wearable. 


Sterling silver stud heart earrings, blue enamel heart earrings, white heart earrings with cubic zirconia crystals

1: Silver tennis bracelet

This is a gift that will be appreciated for a lifetime. 

The super simple tennis bracelet has been a favourite ever since the style was named - rather than invented - after a late 1970s tennis match with glamorous US player Chris Evert.

Browse among this broadly defined style to find the right look. 

A tennis bracelet can be diamond studded and super expensive, like this one from London DE:

Platinum and diamond custom made tennis bracelet

Bespoke platinum square cut diamond tennis bracelet by London DE

Or, you can go for a fun, twinkly take on the style, like this one by Latelita London:

Star strand tennis bracelet

How fun is this star strand tennis bracelet by Latelita London?

There are few limits, as this gold-plated version glowing with colours shows. It's made by My Wishbone Jewellery in the UK. 

Gold-plated chakra tennis bracelet in rainbow zirconia

A gold-plated chakra tennis bracelet in rainbow zirconia is another fun approach to a classic style

Good luck with your Christmas shopping. Remember that handmade, bespoke, and personalised items can take time to produce so you need to order in plenty of time for Christmas delivery. 

Discover even more fabulous Christmas gift ideas by shopping at JewelStreet. You can discover the home of handmade online, where more than 700 independent designers are waiting for you across jewellery, fashion, home, children, pets, and more. 

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