It is often argued (although jokingly) that an engagement ring says far more than a wedding ring, for it is seen as the first sign of true love and commitment. An engagement marks the official start of a couple’s journey together, and an engagement ring is symbolic of that moment.

Also, as far as rings go, an engagement ring is allowed more freedom, in terms of style and gemstones, whereas a wedding ring is (mostly) limited in choice of design and colour. 

Three-stone engagement rings are hugely popular nowadays, because of their unique shapes and the use of (often) three different stones in one ring. Alternatively, even if there’s just one kind of stone in the ring, it still manages to make a statement owing to the fact that there are three stones in one ring, and also because of the range of designs available. 

In this article, we showcase the ten best three-stone engagement rings from independent designers, all of whose designs can be found on JewelStreet, which supports and showcases over 500 independent brands and designers from around the world. So if you’re looking for a unique, handcrafted three-stone engagement ring, with prices starting from as affordable as £25, read on, we’ve got plenty of choices for you!

Entwine Three Stone Ring in Gold With Champagne Diamond - Elinor Cambray Jewellery £1,900

This Entwine Three Stone Ring in Gold with Champagne Diamond by Elinor Cambray Jewellery makes for the perfect engagement ring owing to its beautiful and unique shape, being made out of 9kt gold and having stunning champagne diamonds. And a cherry on the top, this ring is made out of recycled gold thus being more environmentally friendly too!

From her Salisbury workshop, Elinor handmakes all her jewellery using traditional techniques and precious metals and gems. Her jewellery is inspired by nature and botanical forms and textures.

Nanu Ring with Garnet, White Topaz and Diamond - Dexter Augustus Ltd £1,224

The Nanu ring with three different gemstones - garnet, white topaz and diamond - by Dexter Augustus Ltd will no doubt be a special engagement ring because of its precious, large, coloured stones, which lend a lovely ombre effect to the ring. There is also a highly detailed design flowing down the side of the band. This one’s a definite show stopper and will steal her heart immediately! 

The intrinsic beauty of Dexter’s jewellery comes from the fact that he has a background in CAD design software and a wealth of technical knowledge, which he matches with his passion for jewellery, metals and gemstones. He finds his inspiration from history, particularly the ancient Egyptian period. 

18kt Matte Gold Plated Fresh Water Pearl, Lapis Lazuli & Labradorite Adjustable Ring - Bhagat Jewels £28

This 18kt Matte Gold Vermeil Adjustable Ring comprising Fresh Water Pearl, Lapis and Labradorite by Bhagat Jewels is an absolute steal starting as low as just £28. The combination of a luminescent freshwater pearl with lapis lazuli and labradorite is eye-catching, to say the least. The gold-plating makes it look even more elegant. 

Bhagat Jewels designs and creates fashionable brass and gold plated jewellery, adorned with the world’s finest and rarest gemstones. All pieces are handcrafted with time and care. Bhagat Jewels pride themselves on offering high-quality handmade gemstone jewellery at an affordable price.

Founded by Sunita Singh, Bhagat Jewels designs and handcrafts stylish 100% gemstone jewellery. Sunita, who lives in the artistic city of Jaipur, has a masters degree in jewellery making, stone setting and jewellery design from Arch Academy. Since 2015, Sunita has gone global with her business by opening her first online store, and Bhagat Jewels now specializes in some of the world’s finest and rarest gemstone jewellery at affordable prices. 

Rhodium Plated Silver Lapis Lazuli Cocktail Ring - Olivia Leone £51

Olivia Leone’s pretty Rhodium Plated Silver Lapis Lazuli cocktail ring adds a touch of sparkle and elegance. The unique rectangle-cut blue lapis stones are interspersed with round-cut white topaz stones that offer pops of interesting colour. 

Olivia was born into a family of jewellers, so knows her craft inside out. Her sense of aesthetics couple with her family tradition, knowledge of jewellery and ambition make for some gorgeous pieces! 

18kt Rose Gold Crossfire Ring with Tourmaline, Quartz & Diamonds - Joke Quick £4,560

When you have diamonds and quartz together in a ring, you know it’s a special one! Add rose gold to that and you have a winner! Joke Quick’s 18kt rose gold Crossfire Ring With Tourmaline, Quartz and Diamonds has a beautiful design as well, set with two hexagon-shaped tourmalines and a smoky quartz, and pave set cognac cut diamonds.

Joke, a Belgian designer, has a stunning collection of one-of-a-kind jewellery that plays with themes of colour and contrast. 

Elegant Silver Ring with Trio of Pearls Detailing - Banyan Jewellery £67

Elegance comes alive with this Silver Ring with a Trio of Pearls by Banyan Jewellery. A true statement piece influenced by the organic design style of the Art Nouveau movement, the sterling silver is beautifully entwined with 14kt gold and brass ball detailing along with one white and two peacock pearls. 

Designer Yaniv Zalman’s work is influenced by his travels around the world and is a testament to quality and workmanship.

Gold & Silver Jelly Opal Handmade Ring - Lavan £295

This handmade 9kt gold and sterling silver coil ring set with three stunning jelly opals by designer David Weinberger of Lavan’s indeed makes for a unique engagement ring. This Israel-born designer’s contemporary pieces are masterfully constructed with a painter’s eye for light and texture.

Sterling Silver Swiss Blue Topaz and Peridot Ring - Bruce Dalgleish Jewellery £460

A beautiful combination of cushion-shaped Swiss Blue Topaz and Peridot in sterling silver bezel set collets and a wide 'D' shaped band by Cornwall-based Bruce Dalgleish Jewellery, it’s easy to instantly fall in love with this ring. 

14kt Rose Gold Taurus Ring with Diamond & Sapphires - Daniela Komatovic £1,267

Rose gold, diamond and sapphires make for a gorgeous combination and this ring by Daniela Komatovic has a quirky open design and delicate, feminine colours.

From the Czech Republic, Komatovic’s creative side is evident through her many talents as a painter, photographer and graphic designer as well as jewellery designer. 

Designer White Gold Multi Colour Ball Ring Trio - London Road Jewellery 1,235

Another stunning ring, this three pave set cluster ring - one with blue topaz, one with amethyst and the third with tsavorite garnets - with a black rhodium finish is sure to catch the eye.

And that is the trademark of brother and sister Ed and Suzanne’s London Road Jewellery - bright colours and cutting edge techniques with traditional hand settings. Their fashionable pieces are a balance between catwalk chic and enduring statement jewellery.

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