The market has opened up for handmade items and independent brands since more people recognise the true value of authentic items. And when it comes to independent brands and designers, JewelStreet leads the way; they champion 500 of them across all categories, and offer the best unique paintings and prints from independent artists and studios.  

Cow Painting In Print - James Coates Fine Art £22

James Coates captures the mood of a young cow as it stares blankly from the canvas at its audience. Using pastel shades and an impressionistic style, Coates manages to create a sense of realness in the image, something that we have come to expect from his unique paintings and prints. 

James Coates lives and works in Sheffield, UK. He lives with his wife, three children, and Boston Terrier called Minnie. However, to create his fine artwork, he requires a dedicated studio where he paints oil on canvas. Jewelstreet sells his original paintings and authentic prints.   

Compact Companion IV | Acrylic Painting On Canvas - Angela Bond Art £128

Angela Bond is renowned for her unique pop art painting and prints of dogs. She admires dogs because they display the qualities and characteristics that we revere in human companions as well - those of empathy, loyalty, and resilience. 

To create these beautiful bold works of art, Angela works with small brushes. She works freehand and breaks her subject down into organic and geometric shapes that she then brings to life with acrylic paint and gold and silver leaf.   

Riva Original Artwork - Art By Carolynne £150

Animals are once again the subject of Carolynne’s unique and beautiful handmade artwork. In this piece, the subject is a playful young elephant with a raised trunk, an open mouth and floppy ears. The artist has brought the subject to life with realistic details.  

Carolynne is based in Hampshire in the UK, surrounded by woodland and animals; it’s no surprise that nature is the primary source of inspiration for her. She works best in her tranquil studio, where she connects with her creative flow.  

Sunset Oak Giclee Print - Lauren Forcella Fine Art £51

Lauren Forcella’s Sunset Oak print is typical of her unique, bold, and colourful style. This print depicts a massive valley oak tree that once populated the great central valley in California. Lauren has drawn on her special talents to create the play of light and shadow at sunset. 

Lauren Forcella is based in California in the USA, where she uses her 25 years of experience as a working artist to create bold, colourful paintings of nature subjects. Her pieces blend elements of impressionism and expressionism to create a playful sense of emotion and magic.    

Florence and The Machine Hand and Digitally Drawn Poster - Iconic Artwork £8

It is not just the best painting you can find in the Jewelstreet range; there are unique prints too, such as this one of Florence and the Machine designed by Iconic Artwork. The print depicts lead vocalist Florence Welch in an iconic pose using strong colour contrasts.  

Iconic Artwork is based in the UK and was founded by Mike Moran, and it has been producing unique prints of celebrity icons since 2015. Prints from Iconic Artwork use a combination of digital and hand-drawing techniques to create work that is instantly recognisable. 

A Matter Of Thinking Painting - Rhonda Nolan ART £238

Sometimes, life is better understood through abstractions, which Rhonda Nolan attempts with her painting A Matter Of Thinking. This work is dark, patterned, evocative, and unique. It’s a mixed media collage that creates a sense of disjointed problem-solving, that’s not surprising given the nature of Ronda’s process. 

Rhonda Nolan ART is based in Canada. Working with homeless people in Toronto, Rhonda developed a raw, graphic, and urban style. She has worked for thirty years in her studio, perfecting her process and using art to depict the realities of life.  

Earth & Moon Print, Kids Space Decor - Bobby&Bella £10

It’s important for children to be inspired in the right ways, and what better way to do this than with inspirational art prints on the walls of the nursery or bedroom. Bobby&Bella designs this colourful and playful depiction of sleeping earth.    

Laura Thomas founded Bobby&Bella after she began making prints for her youngest son‘s bedroom. This little idea began to grow into an enterprising business as demand grew for her inspirational designs. This artwork enterprise is a dream come true for Laura.  

Swirling Vortex Original Fluid Art Painting - Acrylic Fluid Creations £250

Water is the stuff of life, and it’s uniquely captured in this unique wall art that would look perfect in a bar or cafe or somewhere in the home. The painting depicts a swirling, bubbling vortex of water that looks almost like marble. The colours are teal, turquoise, navy, black and champagne. 

This uniquely beautiful piece is created by Acrylic Fluid Creations, an art business based in the foothills of the Pennines. The business was founded by Ursula, a self-taught artist who has spent her life perfecting her craft. Her pieces feature bright colours and nature as a subject. 

On The Farm Hand Printed Lino Print A4 - Lorikeet Studios £11

Sometimes art is about the colours and patterns of a piece; other times, it’s about the textures and materials used. On The Farm is created by making patterned cuts in lino. It shows a sheep in the foreground and a farmer leading his flock in the background. This piece would make a special gift. 

On The Farm was created by Lorikeet Studios. Lorikeet Studios is located in the Hodder Valley in Lancashire. The art created here is inspired by the surrounding landscape and the natural environment. In addition, they create lino prints and paintings.  

Really Pretty - Art by Caroline Boff £1,400

Really Pretty was created by Caroline Boff, a New York-based artist inspired by colour, energy, and excitement. This piece is typical for her style, bursting with colour, vibrancy, patterns, and abstractions. If you need a piece to bring a new dimension to your interior, view Really Pretty. 

Caroline Boff studied at Bristol University, where she fell in love with the arts and decided to make it her full-time career. She has dared to turn her passion into a career and found success as an emerging international artist.    

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