The 10 Best Wedding Music Bands in Bristol

Check out the 10 best wedding bands in Bristol if you want to host the ultimate wedding reception. Music is arguably the most important part of your wedding day. It sets the mood, encourages family and friends to take to the dance floor, and is played during your first dance. Consider your own likes and dislikes. What does your spotify playlist include? 

Bridge Strings are a lovely father and daughter string trio that have been blessing the ears of happy couples around Bristol for years. Wesley, Rhianwen and Naomi are three of the most polite and accommodating individual you will possibly ever meet. 

Discuss your music specifications to them, and they will deliver a symphony of heavenly sounds. They can even compose a custom piece of music for you, or turn your favourite song into a string ensemble. They recently performed a piece from Star Wars for a wedding that was truly out of this world!

Find out more about Bridge Strings here. 

The music you choose on your wedding day will be ingrained in your memories forever. When these songs play in the future, you won’t be able to help but flashback to the happiest day of your life. 

The Moon Loungers are an incredibly versatile group that can perform a huge variety of songs. From the slow tempo ballad you want for the first dance, to an up-beat 80s number that gets those hips moving in the evening. Whatever you want, they can deliver in their soulful and vibrant tone. 

Find out more about The Moon Loungers here. 

Sometimes the slower beats can feel slightly awkward without the injection of personality and interaction. Introducing The Hijackers Band. Bags of energy and a unique sound, this is the band for the equally outgoing and celebratory couple. 

These guys are performers and musicians in equal measure. They know how to get the crowd on their feet. Showmanship is so important during a wedding reception. Watch out… your gran might be the one up on the table playing air guitar by the end of the evening.

Find out more about The Hijackers here. 

Halflight is a group of experienced musicians who have been playing together for over 15 years. They tend to perform songs that will make you gravitate toward the dance floor, throw caution to the wind, and unleash your John Travolta moves. 

Their services include a soundcheck. This is a great opportunity for the group to set up equipment, but also a good time for you to double check that you like the sound. Two hours of performance and a DJ playlist service is included. They’ll bring the lights and the action… all you need is the camera to capture this unforgettable performance. Take a listen by clicking on the image below.

Find out more about Halflight Band here. 

What do you want from your wedding band? If it’s a great atmosphere and amazing vocals, then The Paris Syndrome are for you. Brand new for 2019, none of your friends will have booked this band before. Stand out from the crowd, and steer away from the same old love songs… you know you want to.

You’ll also be pleased to know that the band has two lead vocalists, one male and one female. There is no restriction to what song can be performed here. Great music, with a stress-free flexible payment option too. The Paris Syndrome help you to keep track of your expenses for the biggest night of your life. 

Find out more about The Paris Syndrome here. 

Meet the UK’s Mumford style wedding supergroup. What can you expect?  An indie/rock aesthetic with heaps of rhythm thrown in. All three members of Sons in the Wild have been playing in wedding circuit bands for over 4 years. They’ve now teamed up to create a floor stomping performance on your big day. 

Even your antisocial relatives won’t be able to help themselves from tapping their foot along to the beat. It’s infectious! Click on the image below to have a listen.

Find out more about Sons in the Wild here. 

This is high energy live music for weddings. Need a band that will play all of your favourite songs? Look no further. The Blue Lion Wedding band are a crowd pleaser. No matter what your age, music taste or style, you’re sure to enjoy their diverse and popular playlist. 

Blue Lion is a premium, customisable 3 to 14 piece wedding band. This means that you can request the size of the band depending on the size of your wedding party. An intimate ceremony and reception, for example, will be perfect with 3 members. However, a larger gathering of over 100 may call for the full team. Experience their powerful sound by clicking on the link below. 

Find out more about Blue Lion Wedding Band here. 

Claire Dibble has been a professional harpist for 22 years, and has a wealth of performing experience under her belt. She is well known for the calming and mesmerising sounds she is able to create on the harp. Not only that, but she plays with such emotion… ideal for a wedding setting. 

Her repertoire is extensive, and Claire can play innumerable styles for your big day. It comes down to your preference, and what kind of mood you would like to create. This kind of delicate sound would suit a traditional, contemporary or themed wedding. The possibilities are endless. 

Find out more about Claire Dibble here. 

The Junos are an established Bristol wedding band that have performed at venues such as Ashton Court, Bristol Hotel, Bristol Marriot and Bovey Castle. The band specialise in playing a seamless blend of soul, disco, pop, rock and modern hits. 

This is a modern take on the private hire band. Get ready for the gig of a lifetime… and you’ve got a front row seats. Just don’t streak the stage, as this will make for an awkward wedding video segment. 

Find out more about The Junos here. 

Pat is the last musician on our list. He’s a singer and guitarist who specialises in live acoustic sets for weddings and civil ceremonies. Pat can play beautiful bespoke music for the ceremony, relaxed tunes at the drinks reception, and he can play the hits in the evening. 

If you’re not in Bristol, but have fallen in love with Pat’s musical talents, then you’ll be happy to know that Pat will travel to Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Cotswolds, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wales and beyond. 

Find out more about Pat McIntyre here.