The 10 Best Wedding Photographers in Sheffield

Check out the 10 best wedding photographers in Sheffield and capture the memories made on your special day. You’ve gone to all the effort to look your absolute best, so why not hire a professional to photograph you in your best light? Don’t hand your iPhone to mum in the hopes that she will capture all the loving moments, put your trust in these industry experts…

Ellie Grace has her camera in hand, and is always on-call to document your wedding. She’s known to run around capturing everything that happens. If she hears someone laugh, she’ll be there in a split second. 

Her approach? A mix of formal and not-so-formal. This means capturing the beautiful ceremony tender tears of joy, but also your drunk cousin tripping over on the dance floor. Emily is straight-up and a delight to have at your wedding. You’ll love her. 

Find out more about Ellie Grace Photography here. 

We can’t compile a list of the best wedding photographers in Sheffield without mentioning the great Chris Loneragan. This is fine art photography for the distinguished couple. Chris has been taking photographs since childhood, and has developed a distinct and recognisable style. 

Think classic and contemporary, with a focus on storytelling mixed with fine art portraiture. Check out Chris’ wedding photography albums by clicking on the image below. 

Find out more about Chris Loneragan Photography here. 

Key Reflections is the name of Sarah Ropke’s popular photography service. She is a Sheffield based creative, who is open to travelling for destination weddings and events too. 

Before becoming a wedding photographer, Sarah was actually studying photo-journalism. Guess what this means? She has a knack for tracking down the greatest moments shared on your wedding day, and the photos she takes will follow a narrative and tell the greatest love story of all time… yours. 

Find out more about Key Reflections here. 

Jesse and Rodrigo Da Silva are lifestyle photographers who are both inspired by nature and people. Even the name of their studio derives from the Latin word Silva meaning ‘forest’ or ‘woodland’.

These photographers will inject a raw, natural and earthy vibe into your wedding album. Hey will document your day in an honest and pure way. They won’t intrude. They are simply there to record the day as it beautifully unfolds and grows. Want to see more from this dynamic duo?

Find out more about Da Silva here. 

Sharon is an expert in snapping individual and creative wedding photographs for fun and romantic couples. It can be hard to encapsulate all the outpouring of love and emotions of a wedding, especially into a two-dimensional image form. But Sharon does just that. 

You’ll be made to feel so comfortable that you won't even realise that Sharon is there. Her style? It’s all about capturing REAL moments. Your wedding photographs will be a snapshot in time. They will live on forever. They will hold all the memories of your special day. They will be your legacy. 

Find out more about Sharon Trees Photography here. 

Looking for world class photography and an exceptional service? Nathan specialised in natural wedding photography. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, he’s been fortunate to shoot all types of weddings in the UK and beyond. 

Having just gotten married himself, Nathan perfectly understands what it takes to bring the whole day together. His goal? To take the stress away from you, and provide an effortless photography service with helpful advice. 

Find out more about Nathan M Photography here. 

One Wedding are big believers in telling your story. You’ll get their dedicated presence throughout your wedding day. A lot of photographers or videographers in the industry will just turn up before the ceremony and leave before the dance floor even fills up! One wedding are strictly against this practice. 

The team will be with you throughout the day. They typically stay for between 8-10 hours, and this depends entirely on when you want them there. It’s up to you. Take a look at their previous photographs by clicking on the link below. 

Find out more about One Wedding here. 

Sarah is a Sheffield wedding photographer with a lovely documentary style. She will craft your love story with a beautiful, creative and romantic style of photography. Other than a bit of banter, she will be unobtrusive while capturing those special and spontaneous moments. 

Her inspirations? Light, life and love. Her photos have an undeniable beauty, much like your wedding day. Raw and real emotions are central to this professional’s repertoire. Light, shadow and composition all come together to create something truly magical. 

Find out more about Sarah Folega Photography here. 

Matthew and Deborah Sier run Sier Photography, a lovely wedding photography service for happy couples in Sheffield and beyond. They don’t come into your wedding with any preconceived ideas of what the photos will look like. 

If anything, it’s relatively unknown what stories the images will end up telling. Your day is just that… YOURS. That means that Mattew and Deborah won’t try and impose their creative directions. Instead, they’ll follow your lead. Excited to start working alongside them?

Find out more about Sier Photography here. 

James is the lead photographer at James Shaw Photography. He’s now in his 10th year of being a professional in the industry, and started on this inspiring journey at the age of 13 when James’ uncle gave him his first camera. 

Who else is in the team? Richard shoots a number of weddings, which are then edited and re-touched by James. Richard is also James’ second shooter and assistant for larger weddings. It’s so important to catch those special moments from every angle. 

Find out more about James Shaw Photography here.