The 10 Best Wedding Suit Shops in Sheffield

Head on down to the 10 best wedding suit hire shops in Sheffield to find your suit soulmate. The bride better move aside, it’s your time to shine. Get you and your groomsmen all kitted out with the best gear in the business. Check out the best suppliers for all of your formalwear wedding needs below.

This is a premier formal wear boutique for premier men. This Sheffield-based, family-run business is devoted to providing excellent customer service. 

Reece Ford Suit Hire offer you an experience that you can’t find on the standard high street. Each shopper will get a personal touch, and each suit will be tailored to your specific needs. Traditional or contemporary… they have suits for hire in every style and theme. 

Find out more about Reece Ford Suit Hire here. 

If you don’t want to splash the cash on buying an entirely new suit for your wedding that you may never wear again, then you should probably hire. 

Philip Johnson Tailors is based in Ecclesall, Sheffield. What can you expect from this well-known suit atelier? Professional service with all the traditional embellishments. The friendly team has a wealth of knowledge about tailoring, and are experts in their field. 

Find out more about Philip Johnson here. 

Located on High Street in Sheffield, Moss Bros is a world-renowned chain that supply fashionable men with formalwear for any occasion. Quality materials, paired with a quality service, are all you need to feel pampered on the run up to your big day 

You’ll want to be in front of every camera whilst wearing one of these suits. They’re comfortable and form-fitting… not to mention stylish. 

Find out more about Moss Bros here. 

Ted The Tailor has been Sheffield’s Premier Bespoke Tailor and menswear specialist since 1948. That’s over 60 years of experience in the industry! You’re safe in the hands of these trusted professionals. 

Fabric, colour, pattern… the possibilities are endless. It all comes down to what your wedding colour scheme and theme is. Have a covert chat with your partner before you head on to your suit fitting. Let them give you subtle hints about what they’re wearing, so that you ensure you don’t clash with them. 

Find out more about Ted The Tailor here. 

The popular Paul Costelloe brand can be found in House of Fraser. Inspiration for their designs come from the traditions of fine British tailoring. The older tailoring methods have been combined with contemporary pieces. 

What can you expect? A form-fitting and flattering suit that retains a sense of relaxed British elegance. Your partner won’t be able to take their eyes off you. 

Find out more about Paul Costelloe here. 

In Sheffield, there are two Debenhams for you to explore. There is one in Meadowhall and one in The Moor. This gives you double the chance of finding your perfect suit, because you have double the amount to choose from!

This high street store is less of a formal environment than some suit shops. This is a relaxed retail environment, and you can take as many friends along with you for added support. When you’re got more bodies, you can cover more ground in the store to find your perfect suit. 

Find out more about Debenhams here. 

Get back to basics with the simplistic and refined elegance of Burton suits. This is a well-known suit store that can answer your calls for a classic and clean design. 

They also have a large number of suits uploaded onto their online store. This can make for a more convenient shopping experience, as you can view the latest in suits from the comfort of your own home. 

Find out more about Burton here. 

You want a suit that fits, right? No suit is better tailored to you than one that is bespoke. It’s not just tailored to you… it’s made for you! Vyn Johns is based on Sandygate Road in Sheffield. This is a vintage inspired wedding studio for both the bride and groom.

Vyn has an ever increasing number of clients and a back catalogue of patterns dating predominantly from 1945 to 1970. Check out Vyn’s services below.

Find out more about Vyn Johns here. 

It’s becoming more and more fashionable to dress down for your wedding day. Long gone is the love of OTT styles and extreme artifice. Put the Elvis and John Travolta vibes away, and settle for something a little more suave. 

Throughout the UK, Harrison Clothing is held in high regard by many premium designers. You can expect interactions with experienced staff who make no bones about telling you what looks good and what doesn’t. 

Find out more about Harrison Clothing here. 

Crown and Cuff create bespoke suits for Sheffield and the wider South Yorkshire Area. The team are of the belief that off-the-rail suits are mediocre in comparison to their well-fitted and tailored rivals.

Investing in a bespoke suit for your wedding day should be at the top of your wedding checklist. Why? They’re comfortable, look amazing, can be easily customised, are incredibly durable, and convenient to buy. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself...

Find out more about Crown to Cuff here.